Odem High School

March 2017

Principal's Corner

March brings many days of baseball, softball, tennis, track, powerlifting and even basketball play-off games at Odem High School. Our boys and girls had a long run with basketball season. Girls finshed with Regional Quarter-finals and boys finished with Regional Semi-Finals. Teachers are gearing up for UIL Academics and STAAR testing. I want to wish everyone a wonderful, relaxing Spring Break March 13-17. Classes resume on Monday, March 20.

STAAR End of Course Preparations

Power Hour Focus March 20th--April 28th

Second period Power Hour for English 1 and English 2 concludes Friday, March 10th. When students return from Spring Break on March 20th they will have a new class to attend. All freshmen and juniors will have either Algebra 1, Biology, or US History End of Course review. Tenth and twelfth graders will work on Naviance in the computer labs to develop college readiness skills, attend extracurricular club meetings, and receive tutoring as needed.

Monday Tutorials for Algebra 1 EOC

Like Power Hour, the focus of Monday Tutorials switches from English to Algebra. The last English 1/2 tutorial will be March 20th.

Starting March 27th all freshmen will have Algebra tutoring from 3:45-5:00 in the high school cafetorium. A snack will be provided from 3:45-4:00 then tutoring will begin promptly at 4:00. All band and athletic practices will not begin until after 5:00 p.m. on Mondays.

Tutorials for Biology and US History

Mrs. Esquivel will provide Biology tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45-4:45 in Room 6A. Coach Ramirez will provide US History tutoring starting April 4th, Tu/W/Th from 4-6:00 and on Sat 4/22 and 4/29 in Room 12B.

All eligible grade level students are welcome to attend. Students not doing well in class or having low Benchmark scores will be assigned to attend tutoring to prepare for the exams during the first week in May.

Tutorial High Attendance Field Trip to Rockport Beach-- April 20th

Ninth and tenth grade students who have attended Monday tutorials on a regular basis will be rewarded with an all-day field trip to Rockport Beach. We will depart from the high school at 8:30 a.m. and return by 3:30 p.m. Hot dogs, chips, and drinks will be provided. Students should bring a towel, sunscreen, and dress in wind shorts and tank tops. Thank you parents, coaches, teachers, and students for making this time invested a success.
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Odem High School Prom

Saturday, April 22nd, 7-11:15pm

The Reserve at Dancing Elk Ranch Mathis, Texas

On Thursday, April 20, Coach Silguero will take students who plan to drive to the prom on a bus to Dancing Elk Ranch to preview the route. Due to limited seating, students should see either Mr. or Mrs. Silguero to sign up. The bus will leave after lunch and return by the end of the school day, Lighted markers along the route will be provided to ensure safety for those attending Saturday evening. Wishing all those attending the prom a wonderful evening.
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Staci Frerich--Rock Star Teacher for Marking Period 4

Have you ever actually thought about what goes into making a fluffy stack of pancakes? Just a cup or two of flour, some milk, and an egg or two sounds about right; pretty simple. Well, try again. I had the opportunity to visit our Rock Star Teacher’s class on a day they were making pancakes. Trust me, making pancakes from scratch requires much more thought than you would imagine.

Mrs. Frerich had her students grouped in fours with each student taking turns leading the others through the steps then writing reflections on the results of their pancakes. Round 1 was 2 cups of flour and 1 cup of milk, Round 2 they added 2 eggs to the mix, Round 3 five teaspoons of baking powder, Round 4 four tablespoons of sugar and one teaspoon of salt, and Round 5 six tablespoons of oil. Each round students cooked the mixture then tasted the pancakes. Quite a few “yucks” went around with the first two rounds. As more and more ingredients were added, the better the result. Until, at last, golden brown, fluffy pancakes.

This lesson was much more than following a recipe. Mrs. Frerich had Kagan going. Students had their directions and roles to perform, the cook, the mixer, the scribe, the taster. Clearly, the groups knew what was expected of them and did a wonderful job of working together. The reflection piece was much more than a worksheet. Students had to determine the texture, taste, smell, and reflect on how the addition of each ingredient changed the outcome. Students were highly engaged, eager to volunteer. The level of questioning lead to a much deeper understanding of why it was so important to be precise when measuring each ingredient. So many little details to remember when preparing the mixture: level spoonful not rounded or partial, teaspoon or tablespoon, proper handling of the griddle, when to turn the pancakes, not measuring over the bowl. The teacher had anticipated all the possible pitfalls that her students could have and addressed each one throughout the lesson.

This is the level of teaching I see each and every time I go into Mrs. Frerich’s classroom. She also teaches our Ready Set Teach students, oversees the student work program visiting each job site, and is our FCCLA director. She is such an asset to Odem High School and I’m very pleased to name her as our Rock Star Teacher for the fourth six weeks.

Student Spotlight--Joseph H. Martinez

Joseph Martinez is one of two students enrolled in dual credit culinary classes at Del Mar College. He also does the Odem High School morning announcements with great flair. We are looking forward to Joseph continuing his education at Del Mar College and pursueing his dream of being a Top Chef.
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"High School is Temporary, but the Memories are Forever."

Discuss your most recent accomplishments: To me or at least in my eyes, my accomplishments are scarce and almost non-existent. My mom and close friends would probably disagree with me. The only notable accomplishment i feel is important is buying a vehicle almost on my own. This may not seem like a grand win from certain perspectives but an entire year of keeping up with my academics and going to work almost full time was tough. As I drove that car off the lot, I felt one step closer to being independent.

What are your future plans? Throughout all of high school, unlike many of my fellow students, I believed i had everything figured out. I thought I was going to be a chef and go straight into college. Of course this has not changed. My dream is to be a mini angry Gordan Ramsey. But, as I've learned, dreams change. Now my current dream or planfor the future is to be a chef for the marines so I can travel and do the things I love.

What advice would you give to students entering high school and considering advanced academics? Plain and simple, get it done. People from other schools who like me wanted to be a chef with every fiber of their being took the dual credit classes. They learned fast it was nothing like the shows on tv. No fame, no glory, just hours of hard work. It didn't take long for as much as one fourth of the students to drop the class. The main point I'm trying to make is, "Try it while you are not paying for it. While you can still afford to make mistakes. Keep an open mind and if you are going to do dual credit, STUDY."

Upcoming Events

  • March 3rd--Early Release for students
  • March 7th--One Act Play performs in Goliad
  • March 10th--Cheerleader Tryouts for OHS and OJH at 1:00
  • Spring Break--March 13-17
  • March 20th--Last day for English Tutorials 4:00-5:00
  • March 24th--ASVAB Testing for 11th/12th grade students
  • March 27th--April 28th--Monday Tutorials for Algebra 1 3:45-5:00
  • March 28th--English 1 STAAR End of Course Exam
  • March 30th--English 2 STAAR End of Course Exam
  • April 3rd--Pre-Scheduling for 9th (current 8th) and 10th grade 6-7:00 p.m.
  • April 6th--Pre-Scheduling for 11th/12th grade students 6:7:00 p.m.
  • April 6th--TSI @ Del Mar College. $29, sign up by March 30th
  • April 5th--Benchmark Testing for Algebra 1 and US History
  • April 6th--Benchmark Testing for Biology
  • April 7th--No School for students
  • April 14th-17th--Easter Break
  • April 20th--Rockport Beach Fieldtrip
  • April 22nd--Odem High School Prom
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."

--Nelson Mandela