Fifth Grade Newsletter

September 27, 2015

Dear Parents:

Don't forget that Picture Day is Wednesday, September 30. Order forms were sent home in Friday Folders.


We will have a quiz Tuesday over prepositional phrases. Students are expected to be able to explain what a preposition does (show the relationship between two nouns in a sentence), identify a prepositional phrase in a sentence, and write their own prepositional phrases.

Later this week, we will begin studying commas and the different ways they are used in writing.

Students are expected to do some reading most nights as homework.

Social Studies

Students are still learning about foundations of our government. Students will receive a project form to complete this week. They should turn it in next Monday (October 5).


This week, students will conclude their work with understanding decimals, place value, and rounding decimals. On Monday, we will go over our formative assessment from last week and make corrections. Students who have finished all homework assignments will be eligible for retakes if necessary. We are planning on reviewing during Tuesday’s class, and taking the Unit 1 Summative Assessment this Wednesday, September 30th. Students will end the week by starting the next unit on decimal computation.


We are working on food chains and food webs. The students worked on a packet Friday that we will finish and go over Monday. Students will be getting a vocabulary packet this week that we will work on in class. Once iPads are up and running we will add those words into the flash card app. Some of these words will be new and hard for the kids to remember. Any review you can do at home with your student(s) would be helpful. Thanks so much for all of your support.


Mrs. Muladore's class has PE this week.

Mrs. Garver's class has Music this week.


We will celebrate Homecoming by wearing our Rayder gear on Friday.


The Fifth Grade Team

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