By : Nashaita 10L

What do they 'make' or offer?

Nike offers a wide range of products generally in the sports area, they are most commonly known for producing shoes for all kinds of sports such as football , tennis, basketball, baseball and so on... Not only do they make shoes but they also manufacture clothes for different sports and activities along with accessories (for e.g socks, caps, bags, gloves, sunglasses and many more accessories).
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Describe their brand

Nike is the number one most popular shoe brand in the world, it has 931 retail stores world wide, distributing their products to around 160 countries and 6 continents . The company's footwear products are manufactured outside of the United States whilst their equipment are produced both abroad and in the United States.
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Explain how the business makes profit

Nike makes up to $27.8 billion a year, they spend $30 to make their set of shoes whilst customers spend $100 to buy a pair. They also spend huge amounts of money to get iconic athletes around the world to not only endorse their brand but to make them the face of the brand.

Why is the business successful, how is it successful beyond just making money?

Nike is very successful as it continuously produces high quality products for their customers and athletes, they also have partnered up with their athletes to make bold statements addressing serious issues such as racism, aids etc... Nike also had a goal that their products help improve the performances of world class athletes.