Cyber Bullying

Amber Parr

What Is Cyber Bullying:

Cyber bullying is when people you don't know and people you do know use their phone, computer or the internet to type or text bad messages to you.

How To Stop It:

To help you to stop the bullying you can.

A. Tell a parent or your family member.

B. Get your family member to block them so they can't text bad comments anymore.

C. Don't reply back to the mean texts.

D. Or you can call the kids helpline 1800 55 1800.

What If It's Not Working:

If it is not working you should keep on telling a family member until they take care of the problem. But if it thats not working just call the kid helpline and they will help with whatever problem you have.

Try Telling Them Somthing Nice.

Try telling them you are sorry and they might stop the bad phone calls or the bad texts and you might be on your way back to your normal life style.

Don't put Information About Yourself On The Internet:

If you come across a person on the internet you don't know and they ask you about information about yourself NEVER give it to them because they might end up at your door step.

Y = your name

A= address

P= phone number

P= password

Y= your plans