The Giver

Author: Lois Lowry Project creator: Natalie Tejada

Book Summary

There is a community where everyone is same with no feelings or memories about the pass. But there is this boy named Jonas he is somewhat different from everyone. The chief elder said he should be the receiver of memory until he is prepared to be the giver. the giver gives the receiver memories of the community's pass. The receiver has to keep the memories and not tell anyone about his/her training. On the other hand Jonas thinks everyone should have memories and feelings and also the giver agrees. They make up a plan for Jonas escape so he could leave the community and all the memories will go back to the community. When Jonas was going to run away, he took his brother Gabriel because he was going to get released or killed. Their journey was hard and they were starving, but they still had courage. At the end of their escape, Jonas stopped and heard a sound but maybe it was just an echo.

Main Character: Jonas

Jonas is intelligent, has courage, integrity, wisdom, and is able to see beyond. Jonas stands out from everyone else.


  1. He wants everyone to have feelings and emotions.
  2. He figured out how bad being released is.
  3. He has to leave the community so people can memories or feelings.
  4. He figured out his dad always lied to him.
  5. The giver won't go with him in his escape.

My favorite quote: "her name was Rosemary"

Teacher like Questions

  • Why did Jonas escape?
  • What 5 things did the chief elder describe Jonas as?
  • Who did Jonas take to his escape?
  • How did Jonas find out what release is?

Overall rating-3.5


  • When Jonas and Gabe left the community.
  • When Jonas found out what release actually is.
  • When Jonas stole the community's leftovers.


  • When no one has feelings or memories.
  • The book is somewhat unfinished.
  • When someone is released if they break or more rules.