Yareli Priego

Setting Goals

Academic Goals: To get good grades, more preferrably straight A's

Athletic Goals: Make the basketball team

Personal Goals: To eat healthier and exercise more often


Teachers/Coaches: My CORE, AVID, and science teachers. They are very motivational and are really good helpers

Relatives: My parents and sister. My parents help me make the right choices and encourage me to go to college. My sister helps on homeowork when I don't understand it.

Friends: My close friends help me a lot. They are very encouraging.

Overcoming Obstacles

Physical Obstacles: Electronics. They distract me from doing homework or studying.

Family Obstacles: I would get homesick. I don't really leave my parents at all for a very long time.

School Obstacles: I need to get very good grades to get into a good school.

Financial Obstacles: My family would need to work very hard to afford college.

Your Personal Action Plan

Attitude/Motivation Plan: I will be positive all the time, even if something is wrong.

Education/Training Plan: I plan to study as much as I can and ask questions.

Plan For Acquiring Needed Skills: I will train to acquire any needed skill no matter what possible skill it is.

Plan For Study And Practice: I plan to study and practice all topics. I will ask teachers questions when I don't understand something. I will use resources when necessary.