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Year-End Tips and Tricks

Schoology Tip: Offer a 5th Term Club

Now that we know most of our students will have their devices all summer, what can we have them do with them? What's are you passionate about outside of school that you could share with students during the summer? What have you always wanted to do but it won't fit in the current pacing/arrangement of the curriculum?

Think about volunteering to offer something like a book club, where you can post links, resources, and discussions all summer long. This wouldn't be for credit, and no one would be required to participate.

So why do it? This is something that can build relationships and school community. This can be a powerful way to keep in touch with our most at-risk students. This is about providing our students with mentoring, enrichment, and fun.

Here are a few ideas for summer clubs to get you thinking...

  • Harry Potter Club
  • Astronomy Club
  • Gardening Club
  • Volunteering Club
  • Minecraft Club
  • Cooking Club
  • Learning to Code Club
  • Photography Club
  • Marvel Club

If you want to kids to be able to access your club year-round, make a Schoology Group.

If you want to create something just for the summer or want to include assignments or quizzes, make a Schoology Course tied to the "Summer Term" in Schoology.

Get creative with your ideas!

For example, check out the Concrete Canoe Competition video below.

It's something that could be scaled down to do as a summer project.

2012 National Concrete Canoe Race at University of Nevada, Reno


What can a Twitter account do for you?

  • Keep updated on SCHS happenings by following our staff and checking out the #LoveBLUELiveGOLD hashtag. Check out this recent collection of tweets I collected using Storify.
  • Grow a PLC that meets your needs. Follow educators that share your passion!
  • Share what's going on in your classroom! A great way to celebrate student growth and success with colleagues, students, and parents.
  • Want a really detailed description of the power of Twitter in education? Check out the The Teacher's Guide to Twitter from Edudemic.


Who should you follow?

If you are just starting out, search for me (@LindsayRicke) and click on my "Following" list. I follow most of the SCPS teachers and groups, so this will give you quick access to local people that you can follow.

If you want to reach outside the county, check out @kyedchat to find educators from all over Kentucky.

My #FollowFriday suggestion: @jonbergman is one of the pioneers of flipped learning. A great person to follow as we continue to grow in our use of Chromebooks in the classroom.

Lindsay Ricke

Digital Learning Coach

Shelby County High School