Week of April 25

This Week

Hello Huffines,

We have a full packed week this week. Tuesday morning we have our monthly faculty meeting at 8:00 in the library. Wednesday is STAAR training during your conference period. Wednesday night is the Spring NJHS induction ceremony! Lots of great students are being celebrated Wednesday night! We have a survey about the bell schedule for next year. At the last BLT & Leadership meeting we discussed the benefit of having Advisory at the end of the day. This way students could use this time as study hall if a lesson isn't scheduled. We would also use this time to come together as a grade level team to have discussions about students. Our plan is to also use Professional Development time to discuss student progress. If you have questions, please feel free to ask me or anybody on the BLT, your department chair or your team lead.

Please take a moment to answer one question on this survey: http://goo.gl/forms/VFrrjvq5XD Thank You!

How well do you know Ms. Sidberry

Birthday: April 23

Child: Mia Jae (2)

Pets: no

Favorite Candy: Reeses

Favorite Fast Food: Freddys

Favorite Drink: Sweet Tea

Favorite Color: Blue

Hobbies: Decorating/design

Thank you Ms. Sidberry for all you do for our dyslexic students!

Lead Husky Teachers

Every Lead Husky Lunch I ask the students "Who are the teachers who inspire you the most?" They always take this question seriously. I love to hear their answers and to hear about all the great things you do in your classroom beyond the paper and pencil.

Ms. Rogers - She helped me like reading & I want to get better at it. She inspires me a lot.

Ms. Jones - She has made math easier and I like it now.

Mr. Edwards - He has helped make me better at math & he helps me all the time.

Ms. LaLonde - She taught me how to play an instrument & she was patient.

Mr. Ferguson - I like his art & he is so good at it. I want to be like him.

Ms. Lucas - She makes science fun! She helps me when I need it.

Ms. Jackson - She is always on us to be on our best behavior & to keep our grades up. She makes sure we get our stuff done. She has also helped me love Star Wars!

Mr. Phillips - He always says if you put your mind to it, you can do it. I started listening, and studying more. I am now doing a lot better.

Ms. Ostrander - If you accidentally let yourself fail, she lets you correct as many times as you need to. She does't hold it against you.

Ms. Barnes - She teaches you to be yourself.

Ms. Palmer - She is very personable. She teaches stuff in fun ways.

Ms. Weidel - She taught me to like music.

Ms. Bradley - She is always pushing us to do well and be great.

Huffines Alumni News

Morgan Reising, 2014 LHS grad & former Husky, bowled for SFA vs Nebraska for the National championship and won! This is awesome!

Soccer Season Started!

Soccer season started this week and the boys brought home 2 wins!

Boys Soccer vs Griffin

Monday, April 25th, 5:30pm

5105 North Colony Boulevard

The Colony, TX

Girls Soccer VS Griffin

Tuesday, April 26th, 5:30pm

5105 North Colony Boulevard

The Colony, TX

Hawaiian Pep Rally

Thursday, April 28th, 3pm

1440 North Valley Parkway

Lewisville, TX

Let's celebrate our Spring Sports! Wear a Hawaiian shirt and jeans!