The Titan V.S Oryx

A story about the game Destiny

The Begining

The Titan was looking for a sword to fight Oryx with so he went to the crucible and defeated a bunch of enemies that are also Guardians. Soon the crucible master wanted him and then the Crucible master gave him a sword handle. So the Crucible master told him to go to Saturn's rings and get 25 Iron flakes. The Titan fought countless enemies for these Flakes and eventually he got them.

The Decision

The Titan then went back to the crucible master and had to choose a sword. You can choose from Ark, Void, or Solar and after thinking for a while he finally made the decision to go with Ark blade.

The Battle

So after The Titan chose the Ark blade he went to the Dreadnaught to defeat Oryx and after fighting through the bond brothers and the dark blade he had to fight Oryx. Oryx was the same size as him so they fought to the death and then all of a sudden The Titan activated his super charge and he through a flaming hammer at Oryx and Oryx lost his balance and then The Titan jumped up and stabbed Oryx.
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