Educational Leadership Magazine

November 2013 Issue: Tackling Informational Text

Tackling Informational Text

Principal Dana has generously donated her subscription of Educational Leadership to our professional library. This month's edition may be of interest teachers who are working on developing student literacy.

Stumped by how to get students engaged with informational texts? The Nov 2013 Issue of Educational Leadership is dedicated to answering that question.

Articles include:

  • Unlocking the Secrets of Complex Text
  • The Dazzling World of Nonfiction
  • A Few Words About Math and Science
  • From Manga to Math
  • and more!

FYI: Educational Leadership is also available through the CBO's Professional Library. Come and see us for the intranet link!

My Personal Fave

Now here's a great article: Power Up! The New School Library (October 2013)

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