Baseball Terms and Players

Stephen Liang

20 Players

Babe Ruth - Most famous baseball player

Derek Jeter - Hit over 3000 pitches

Mark McGwire - Most home runs hit per at bats

Sammy Sosa - Hit over 600 home runs

Alex Rodriguez - Youngest player to hit over 500 home runs

Lou Gehrig - He had powerful hits

Joe DiMaggio - Had a 56-game hitting streak

Barry Bonds - Hit most home runs, at 762

Hank Aaron - Had home run record for 30 years

Jackie Robinson - First black MLB player

Cal Ripken - He played 21 years in MLB

Ozzie Smith - He had most golden glove awards

Ty Cobb - Had highest batting average

Nolan Ryan - Could throw up to 100 mph

Roger Clemens- Struck out 18 batters in 1 game

Jim Thome - Is one of the only 8 players to hit over 600 home runs

Willie Mays - Hit 660 home runs

Frank Robinson - Hit 547 home runs

Mickey Mantle - One of the greatest switch hitters

Reggie Smith - Had one of the strongest throws of any outfielder

20 Terms

ace -- A team's best starting pitcher.

bag -- A base.

caught looking -- When a batter is called out on strikes.

changeup - A pitch that is slower than a fastball but looks like one.

chin music -- A pitch that is high and inside.

circus catch -- An outstanding catch by a fielder.

closer -- A team's relief pitcher who finishes the game.

cutter -- A cut fastball (one with a late break to it).

cycle -- When a batter hits a single, double, triple and home run in the same game.

dinger -- A home run.

dish -- Home plate.

hill -- Pitcher's mound.

hot corner -- Third base.

moon shot -- A big high home run.

pick -- A good defensive play by an infielder on a ground ball. Also a shortened version of "pick-off."

pickle -- A rundown.

sweet spot -- The part of the bat just a few inches from the barrel.

whiff -- Strikeout.

yakker -- Curve ball.

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