Bog Turtels

Wetlands Are An Important Part Of The Ecosystem

Wetlands: Land consisting of marshes or swamps that are saturated land. They are the primary habitat for hundreds of species as well as many other birds, fish, mammals and insects.

Fun Facts About Bog Turtles

  • Bog Turtles life span can go up to thirty years!
  • They are common in our area but not found that much
  • They are hunt during the day and sleep at night
  • They even hibernate! When they do, they hibernate in mud and near tree roots
  • They are known for their little orange spotted head
  • They live in wetlands
  • They are a very expensive reptile

How Can You Help Protect Wetlands? And Save The Bog Turtles?

Wetlands play a very important role and unfortunately, many of them are drying up. They are the homes of many animals. But in particular, the endangered bog turtles. Something needs to be done immediately with action being done quickly. There are many ways that you can help safe the population of bog turtles and wetlands with just a few things in your everyday life.
  • Avoid Building over Wetlands
  • Be apart of the Clean Water Act
  • Get Neighbors, friends, and family to help join public agencies and public organizations

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