Felis margarita

Sand Cat

Bio information

Sand Cats weigh in at 4-8 pounds and reach lengths of 29-36 inches, and heights of 10-12 inches. It has a dense soft fur that is a pale sand or gray color above and paler underneath. It has large ears and a broad head, and a reddish streak that runs from its eyes across its cheeks. The ears are reddish-brown and black-tipped. There are faint stripes running down the flanks and black bands running around the tops of the front legs. The tail has 2-3 black rings towards its black tip. The feet are covered with a thick layer of wiry black hair, which insulates the footpads against extremes of heat and cold, and allows for easier movement through the sand.


This is one of the only cats that doesn’t face habitat degradation with its preferred habitat being the desert. Because the religious belief about this cat is that it was the companion of the Prophet Mohammed, they are not hunted as livestock raiders when they kill chickens. Sadly, this little cat still faces the threat of being collected for the pet trade, or for being hunted for sport while they are laying out sunning themselves. It is unknown at this time to what extent, if any, the fires and bombs of the Gulf War affected the Sand Cat population.