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Dear Editor,

I have recently adopted a child who's parents have died in a fire. He is separated from his cousin who was living with his parents until now and they were very close with each other. he has been in shock, doing nothing with that big brain of his and is constantly failing at school. It has been a year since the fire. People are telling me that it is a lot like what happened in the book Locomotion. Apparently the character suffered the same fate and got through it by writing poetry. I have tried to talk to him about this and he won't agree to keep a journal. What do I do?

From, Don't know what to do

Dear Don't know what to do,

Have you ever thought about making him read the book? He might not be the kind of person who wants to keep a journal. He could probably express his feeling in a different way. It could be anything, from art to science to music. you need to help him find this thing, this one thing, and when he does, encourage him in any way you can without completely coddling him. He may want to confide in you, but don't press him to, otherwise he will be more to himself. Don't forget to make him read that book!

From, the Editor


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