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How often to we really set our minds to thinking about the real sacrifice given by others to protect the freedoms we hold so dear? When we hear the anthem at a ball game? When we watch a war-themed movie? This Veteran's Day, let's be intentional about our thoughts. Let's seek to understand the real sacrifices families have made and will continue to make to keep us safe and free.

Prayer Requests Nov. 4

Melissa - her mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer, seeing a surgeon tomorrow.

Who do you know that is lost? Pray for an opportunity this week to be a witness.

Notes From Today's Lesson (my version...feel free to disagree or correct me)

Acts 6:9-end

Argued with Stephen, dragged him away to the council, knows he is expecting a hostile audience, they saw the face of an angel..

Acts 7

He has faced the accusations. He is giving an accurate background of the Jewish faith including quotes from the Old Testament. Stephen has an obvious knowledge of the Scriptures.

Then he tells the story of God's deliverance from Pharaoh.


He got them hooked into his speech and then accused them. Dug believes the heavens literally opened up and God told him, "you are doing the right thing. I'm here for you. It's going to be okay." Then Stephen was stoned.

Stephen had an opportunity to stand up for what he believed. Stephen was a part of God's growing church. When Jesus confronted jerks and hypocrites, he called them just that. When He came across people who were hurting, he death with them very differently.

Stephen knew God's word.

He trusted the Word. He believed it.

He was willing to speak it...speak the truth. He didn't make nice. He told them like it was.

The better we know the Bible, the better we know the creator of the Bible.

He must increase. I must decrease. (Picture of John the Baptist pointing at Christ on the cross.)

Sunday School Christmas Party

Saturday, Dec. 8th 2012 at 6pm

at the Austins or the Oxendines

Bring finger foods and gifts for the Chinese Auction. Gifts can be funny or nice.

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