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GES Staff Update-Week of 5/30/16

Summer is Near...

It is hard to believe that we are within days of the end of the 15-16 school year. It honestly seems like just a few months ago that I was scheduling meetings to sit down with each of you and learn something about you and GES! What a great year we've had. I know this week will be an end to time with your current students, their families and possibly with certain team members. It will also be a time to reflect on the many accomplishments of this year. If you haven't seen them, be sure to stop by and look at the posters that our team leaders created listing all of the things we've done at GES this year. They are on the wall outside Horn's office. The sheer number of things we juggle each day for our students is outstanding!! Please feel free to grab a marker and add to it if you see an item missing! We will have some dedicated time together at Friday morning's breakfast to reflect on our year. Please be thinking of a fun story or memory to share!

This week's video clip made me look forward to how summer always rejuvenates and excites me for the next year! I hope you will find a way to enjoy some relaxation...your way! YOU'VE EARNED IT!

A Teacher's Summer

Field Day Fun

Nobody can say that GES staff & students aren't flexible after last Thursday's Field Day! We got the kids outside, saw lightning and rushed everyone into the cafeteria. All of the back and forth between GES and the pool for 2nd and 3rd grade due to lightning had us ALL wondering what kind of day we could make of it! A huge thank you to Michelle Basil for her efforts in organizing a day of fun for our students. She worked on rescheduling events at least four times in order to make sure all of our GES Stars got to swim and participate in most of their favorite events. Shout outs also go to Julie Greene, Gayle Lambert & Justin Burns as they worked as an amazing team to make this day a WONDERFUL experience for all. I am very appreciative of all of our GES staff for everyone's positive outlook on changes made and in keeping the kids enjoying every minute of Field Day! You guys are amazing!
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Success Ceremonies

Our grade level Success Ceremonies have gone really well so far! A huge thanks to Jeni Hammonds for creating an award template and sharing it with our staff. Shout outs go to Nancy, Angela, Heather & Gina for running the Fast Pass & Raptor check-ins for all of the ceremonies. I also appreciate Johanna for jumping in whenever needed and Erin for assisting with the Starbright Express awards last week. Lastly, a thank you goes to all of our teachers for making these ceremonies such a special event for students and their families! I am looking forward to celebrating third, fourth and fifth grade successes with you all this week!
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Drill Information From Ms. Ray

As part of our continued efforts to practice required safety drills as well as comply with district safety drill expectations, please be aware we will be holding various safety drills these last few days of the school year. If you have questions about any of the following, please contact either Liz or Kim.

On the morning of Tuesday, May 31, we will hold a Shelter in Place drill.

The purpose of this drill would be to keep students and staff away from harm in the case of a hazardous spill or materials, possible threat, medical emergency, etc. within a certain area of the building. During this drill you will not need to leave your classroom(s).

When you hear the announcement “HOLD IN THE CLASSROOM” over the PA system and/or walkie-talkie. You will need to “HOLD” and remain in your current location.

Hold In The Classroom Procedures:

· HOLD students in the current period/classroom until notified to release.

· REMOVE students from immediate affected area.

· GRAB students out of the hallways and other public areas.

· RELEASE students when the situation has been resolved.

When the Shelter in Place drill has been completed we will make another announcement to “RELEASE” students and go on about your day.

On Wednesday, June 1, we will hold an AED drill during the second grade recess period. If you are part of the AED team, upon hearing the AED drill announcement, you will need to respond to the large playground as if this were a real emergency. All other staff and students will need to stay away from the large playground area and go on about your day.

End of Year Items

  • If you are returning to GES next year, please complete the staff information form. It can be found at the following link: http://goo.gl/forms/K9PKnLqDi6ohAqXq1
  • Josh will need to meet with K-4th grade level teams before the end of the year to cover procedures for students taking devices home over the summer. His schedule can be found on google doc shared with team leaders. Thank you to 1st & 2nd grade for signing up for a time!

  • All classroom teachers need to please double check the iPad roll-out sheet in google drive to ensure it is as up to date as possible. This will need to be complete prior to checking out for the year.

Summer Challenge

The following information was sent to parents regarding our GES summer challenge:

Did you know that the average student loses up to one month of instruction over the summer months? You can help prevent this summer slide by participating in fun and educational activities with your children over the summer break. We are offering all of our GES Stars a Summer Challenge! A hard copy will be sent home with all students this week and a digital copy can be accessed at the following link: https://goo.gl/fBKhtf . Complete and color in any 10 squares to win a special lunch with the GES administrators! Complete and color ALL the squares to earn a Kona Ice Treat! Turn your paper into your homeroom teacher by Friday, August 26, 2016. Email pictures or products of your summer challenge experiences to nancy.hale@gcisd.net to be posted on the GES Facebook and Twitter accounts. We hope you will choose to take the GES Summer Challenge!

A huge thank you to Nancy to creating this awesome challenge for our GES Stars!

Friendly Reminders

  • ALL students will gather in the GYM Tuesday & Wednesday morning before school due to Success Ceremonies!
  • Teachers and Staff should continue to monitor student dress and send all who are not following dress code to the Nurse for a clothing change, or a call home.
  • Please take homeroom classes by the Lost & Found on May 31st or June 1st to allow students to retrieve any personal items before remaining items are donated to GRACE on June 2nd.
  • The following information has been in the Monday Message for three weeks now regarding medication pick up: All medication needs to be picked up before 11:45am on the last day of school, 6/2. Any medication not picked up will be discarded. Please contact me if you would like your medication to be sent home with your child at johanna.burwell@gcisd.net
  • On the last day of school, we will have our annual Sing Along at 8:00am. Sack lunches will be picked up as you escort your classes out of the cafeteria as to not interrupt the 5th grade ceremony at 9:45. Thanks!
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Turn Markers Into Energy

We’re excited to tell you about a very special program that the GES Student Council is coordinating at our school in conjunction with Crayola. It’s called Crayola ColorCycle – an amazing new program devised to turn used markers into energy! During the last week of school, May 31 - June 2, we will have bins and/or boxes in the cross hall and foyer to collect any used markers that would usually be discarded. The markers will be sent to a facility where they will be converted into clean fuel. This fuel can be used to power vehicles, heat homes, cook meals and more!
  • Please help support our efforts by having students clean out their supply boxes and checking any of your class markers. They will accept dry erase markers, highlighters, sharpies, and any other brand of plastic marker. These can be dropped off in the bin at any time that last week of school.

  • Remember, don’t throw out that used marker—ColorCycle it!

Summer Learning Opportunities

  • Professional learning for science this summer can be found at: http://bit.ly/27pNMUb (each campus is encouraged to send one person per grade level to Inquiry and one person per grade level to Science CIEs refresh)
  • Looking to plan your summer professional learning? Check out the summer learning opportunities s'more and register soon to get your choice of upcoming workshops. This newsletter contains links to ALL SUBJECT AREA TRAININGS! https://www.smore.com/g7fy6
  • GCISD Instructional Technology is hosting a conference for teachers on Tuesday, June 14 at CHHS. George Couros will be the keynote speaker. He is an accomplished author, speaker, and consultant in regards to innovation in education. After the keynote, teachers will attend choice sessions. This is a great opportunity for summer learning and for all teachers to share the amazing things they're doing with technology in their classrooms. For more information check out this site: https://sites.google.com/a/gcisd.net/innovative-teaching-with-technology-conference/
  • Be sure to check out the calendar Nancy Hale has created mapping out opportunities that you may want to consider! https://docs.google.com/a/gcisd.net/document/d/1yxMVmM7vsjnN8kHDf4XMavQAghCS_2l2_yIWmRn7V28/edit?usp=sharing

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday, 5/31 3rd grade Success Ceremony (8:00am in Cafeteria); Class placement meetings during conference times (3rd grade at 3:10pm)

Tuesday, 5/31 NEHS End of Year Picnic will be held during 4th and 5th grade lunch periods. Students will meet either Ms. Ray or Mrs. Curnow in the cafeteria.

Wednesday, 6/1 4th grade Success Ceremony (8:00am in Cafeteria)

Thursday, 6/2 All school Sing Along( 8:00am in the Cafeteria); NO MAPS classes; 5th grade Success Ceremony & Graduation (9:45am in Cafeteria)

Thursday, 6/2 LAST DAY OF SCHOOL & Early dismissal at 11:45am

Friday, 6/3 Staff breakfast at 8am; Check out from (10am-1pm)

Where We Will Be...

Wednesday, 6/1 - Heather at 4th grade Success Ceremony (8:00 - 9:00am)

Wednesday, 6/1 - Liz off campus (12:30-4:00 pm)

Friday, 6/3 - Ray out at 1:00 pm; Horn out at 1:00 pm

Monday Message to Parents

The following link will take you to the parent newsletter that will be sent out Monday morning: https://www.smore.com/39x2z

Disclaimer: It will be a work in progress until late Sunday night!!

Information From Angela Horn

Back to School Fair

We are excited to announce that GCISD is once again partnering with the community to serve our economically disadvantaged students. The fifth-annual Back to School Fair is scheduled for Saturday, August 6, from 8 a.m.-Noon at Grapevine High School. This is a collaborative event sponsored by GCISD, CONNECT and the Grapevine-Colleyville Education Foundation, and the Women's Division of the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce. Last year, with support of our staff and community, these organizations provided free backpacks, school supplies and other back-to-school needs to more than 1,600 GCISD students. Our goal this year is to continue to serve those who qualify for the event!

**Volunteers and donations are needed! If you are interested in volunteering, please use this link to sign up: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0f4aafaa22aafc1-back or if you would like more information, please contact Emberly Hill at emberly.hill@gcisd.net.

PTA Information

Amazon Smile

We finally have our Amazon Smile account set up! If you are an Amazon shopper, please use this link and check GES. Be sure to share with family and friends!


School Supplies

The following information is being shared with GES families via the Monday Message. Feel free to copy & paste to include in your grade level correspondence.

Grapevine Elementary PTA is again offering convenient one-stop-shopping for your child’s 2016-2017 school supplies through our vendor EPI. Each grade supply list, K through 5th, is teacher-approved and custom packed for your student! We have made every effort to contain costs to provide this optional, cost effective school supply option. All you have to do is order online! LAST DAY TO ORDER IS JUNE 10!

Online Orders Only:

To try and go green, Grapevine Elementary is offering secure online ordering only.

1. Go to www.epipacks.com

2. Enter school id GRA044

3. Follow the directions or steps to complete your order

4. Please remember to order your child’s grade for NEXT school year!

Packs will be in your child’s classroom on Meet the Teacher Night in August.


Kindergarten - $27.58

First Grade - $46.26

Second Grade - $34.65

Third Grade - $35.97

Fourth Grade - $40.61

Fifth Grade - $41.72

**Contact Leslie Nicholson at lesliednicholson@hotmail.com if you have any questions.

Google Links

  • Lesson plans, or links to your plans, should be saved to our Google drive folder in the GES Faculty and Staff folder:http://bit.ly/1LqQ4sg
  • Newsletters, or links to newsletters, should be saved to the Google drive folder in GES Faculty and Staff: http://bit.ly/1MAJbWP