No Coast For The Americans!

Keep The Mexican History In The Right Place!

Why Keep Them Away From The Coast?

We are going to have to try our best to keep these Americans away because we have history with them. When we gave them a colony in Spanish owned Texas, the man by the name of Moses Austin that was supposed to run the newfound colony had died before the colony was even officially started, and his son made a random cameo appearance in Texas and thought he could run it and run it well. Within the first 7 years, Austin had brought almost 300 families to texas, so we figured since they were on our land, we had all rights to force them to be Mexican citizens, learn Spanish, and become members of our holy Roman Catholic Church. Austin Had To make this worse, this happened almost immediately after we had just got our independence from the brutal Spanish. This is showing us that the Americans are unreliable and cannot follow through with the things they wish for.

Are There Any Other Events Proving Why We should Keep The Americans Away?

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line, as history proves prohibits us from even thinking about changing our law on keeping the Americans away from the coast. There is absolutely no advantage for any such occurrence to happen to us.