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Counselor's Corner for the Week of October 12th - 16th

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Counseling News

October is really moving along (very quickly) and there are lots of events coming up! The classroom counseling schedule is located at the bottom of this page, so please scroll down! If the times/days don't work, please send me an email so that I can reschedule. Pre-K - 2nd Grades, I'll be getting to you next week!

In classroom lessons this week, I'll be talking about Digital Citizenship Week, which is coming up next week, and the Career Cruising Program. If you haven't already, please let me know if you are missing any cards. Some teachers have started the program with their classes already. Please let me know if you would like me to start the program with your students.

If any students brought back the forms for group counseling, please send them my way! I'm missing a few permission slips. There were some students that are new to Klein Road that would benefit from being in a separate group. If you have any students in 3rd-5th Grades that are new to the school, please let me know! I would love to do a lunch group with those students!

I'm also working to reschedule the Fire Department's visit to KRE. The Fire Department called the morning of the show to make sure that we were on track for the puppet show. The information that they received didn't include the number of students and they did not think that they could do a puppet show for all of the students at once that would be enjoyed by everyone. We're planning on doing it on a different day where each class would go separately - I'll keep you all posted when we get that on the calendar!

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All of October is Bully Prevention Month!

October 19th - 23rd: Digital Citizenship Week

October 21st: Unity Day (Wear Orange!)

October 26th - 30th: Red Ribbon Week

Here's the tentative Red Ribbon Week Schedule to Promote Bully Prevention and Drug/Alcohol Prevention:

Monday, October 26th: Red Ribbon Week Begins - Wear Red to Kick Off Red Ribbon Week

Tuesday, October 27th: Put a Cap on Drugs & Bullies - Wear a hat

Wednesday, October 28th: Sock it to Drugs & Bullies: Wear crazy socks

Thursday, October 29th: Team up to Make Good Choices: Wear your favorite sports teams (especially if it's a college team)

Friday, October 30th: Show Good Character - Dress up as your favorite book character (students will need to have the book with them)

Kim Scott, School Counselor

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Counseling Schedule for the Week of October 12th - 16th

Tuesday, October 13th:

8:00 - Curtin (4th Grade)

8:30 - Elliott (4th Grade)

9:00 - Carney (3rd Grade)

11:30 - Bland (5th Grade)

1:30 - Moore (4th Grade)

Wednesday, October 14th:

8:30 - Perez-Vazques (4th Grade)

9:00 - Hernandez (3rd Grade)

10:00 - Perez (5th Grade)

11:30 - Strom (5th Grade)

1:30 - Cohen (4th Grade)

2:00 - Decker (3rd Grade)

Thursday, October 15th:

8:30 - Beasley (4th Grade)

9:30 - Villarreal (5th Grade)

10:30 - Werk (3rd Grade)

11:30 - Ryan (5th Grade)

1:00 - Gonzales (3rd Grade)

Friday, October 16th:

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