Jack and the magical bridge

by James

Jack and the magical bridge

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Jack.

Jack lived with his dad and the were very poor.

One day Jack’s,dad said”,Go to the town and sell our pig so Jack went to town and sell our pig so Jack went to town to sell the pig.

On the way there there ,he bumped into an old man.The old man said ,”if you give me that pig i will give you a magic map.

So jack gave the old man his pig and the old man gave Jack the magical map.

When Jack got back his father was angry with not bringing back an y money so Jacks dad said,”Go straight to bed

The next dayJack got up and followed the map to a magical bridge that shined in the sun light.

It was very old and not stable but on the other side was a castle .

In the castle was a one eyed cyclops with a big sharp axe.

Jack quietly walked passed him into a room.

This room had lots of gold.

He saw a golden goose.

He was scared but excited,grabbed the goose and when Jack got back his father was amazed.

The next day,Jack went back to the castle to see what he could find this time.

He heard some music and went into the room where the music was coming from.

In that room he saw a harp that was playing its self .

Jack grabbed the harp and headed for the door .

But as jack was leaving the cyclops saw him and grabbed his axe and went after Jack but Jack was fast and got past the bridge first.

Jack started stomping on the bridge.He did three big stomps and then the bridge collapsed and the cyclops was never seen again.When Jack got back home his dad was so happy with him.

They became rich and lived happily ever after.