Library Flyer - February 2015

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JSTOR Database

JSTOR is known for providing access to authoritative scholarly articles with broad disciplinary coverage. As such JSTOR is a trusted destination for research but reading levels can be very challenging. (TIP from Megan McCall: try Rewordify to simplify paragraphs.)

It is also important to know that coverage for journals range from the first issue published to the present excluding the most recent 3-5 years. This is not a place to look for current topics of the last 3-5 years.

In a recent development, JSTOR now offers access to 20,000 e-books from University Presses such as Harvard, Yale and Princeton,and including public policy institutions such as the Brookings Institution and Rand Corporation. I am investigating a patron-driven buying program which can automatically trigger a purchase after an item has been accessed three times. This guarantees we only buy what we need.

The Librarian
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Earth In My Room - February Prize

"Watch the sparkling lights of cities across the world right at home with Uncle Milton's Earth in My Room. This realistic model of plant Earth hangs on your wall and shows the world's cities illuminate from East to West as the sun sets. Recommended for children ages six and older, Earth in My Room lets you experience the awe-inspiring sight of our planet at any time.

After 30 minutes without interruption, Earth in My Room will automatically shut off to save battery power. This lets you fall asleep to the soft glow of city lights, while conserving battery power." (see this video)