Powered by EBSCOhost By: Elizabeth Stamas

What is Searchasaurus?

Searchasaurus is a research database specifically for children, both elementary and middle school aged. Powered by EBSCOhost and available at Baltimore County Public Library's database portal (as well as many other libraries and schools). Searchasaurus provides multiple results for books, magazines, and articles children are looking for when researching topics. The database also includes a Dictionary and Encyclopedia to assist my upcoming third graders in their researching needs.

How can I use Searchasaurus?

Please click on the link for a short tutorial on using one of the essential features of Searchasaurus, conducting a basic search. This tutorial will show you how to use Searchasaurus to help you with your researching needs.

How can I use the Icons to conduct a search with Searchasaurus?

Searchasaurus has Icons located at the bottom of their database search bar that you can use to limit your search. Similar to Kids Search by EBSCOhost, where students can choose one of the subjects to limit their search. Please click on the link for a short tutorial on how to use the Icons feature.

Searchasaurus in Action!

Need to use the Encyclopedia Feature?

The Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia has collected over 25,000 records to help you research using the Encyclopedia feature. All you have to do is click the Encyclopedia tab located at the top of the database. Please click on the link for a tutorial on how to use the Encyclopedia feature.

What results will you get when using the Fun Fact feature?

When you click on the Fun Fact feature, located at the bottom right of the page, you are rerouted to the Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia page that features that fact. This really helps to speed up the researching process with just one click!

Are you trying to find the right word to describe your topic?

If you use the American Heritage Children's Dictionary heading feature, you can get a list of dictionary terms that are supported with results that relate to the topic! This feature is very similar to the World Book Online For Kids dictionary tab where words are listed in alphabetical order and relate to the entry terms. Please click on the link to find out how to use the Dictionary feature!

Want resources that your teacher would approve?

Use the Teacher Resources tab! Located at the upper right corner of the page is the Teacher Resources tab which holds information approved by teachers! Please click on the link for a tutorial that will help you use this resource to maximize results your teacher would love!

Having trouble finding what you're looking for?

Use the Help feature tool! Click on the Help button located in the upper right corner of the page, and Searchasaurus has 24/7 support to help you with your research needs, just like the NoveList K-8 Plus database!

Searchasaurus offers in-depth information to help you with your researching needs!

How to use the Top Searches feature!

By clicking on the Top Searches feature located on the bottom left of the page, you are given a list of resources for the most popular topics for the day. These results switch throughout the day depending on what is being researched the most during the day!

How to find the Searchasaurus Database

Please click on the link to be taken to the Baltimore County Public Library's website database page where you will see the Searchasaurus database under the Kids tab.

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