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What We Learned This Week

Reading/Social Studies - This week we used our Social Studies textbook, Picturing Anchorage as our text for reading. We read about how decisions are made in Anchorage and how we can make Anchorage a better place to live. We learned that we all have rights (something we are born with) and responsibilities (things that should do) as citizens of our community. We ended the week by writing a letter to the Mayor explaining what makes Anchorage a strong community.

Writing - We started our week reading the book Hey, Little Ant and brainstorming reasons why you should squish or save the ant. We started our paragraphs and focused on making sure we added details and good conclusions to our paragraphs.

Math - We worked really hard on our target this week – I can add 2-digit numbers with regrouping. The kiddos are doing a great job. We will continue to practice over the next week and take our chapter test next Wednesday.

A Peek at Our Week