Trepa Times

Week sixteen

Staff Holiday Party

Don't forget to join us Thursday evening from 6:00-9:00 p.m. The event is at Palmer Hills Grill, 2999 Middle Road, Bettendorf, IA. Heavy hor d'oeuvres buffet and desserts provided. There will also be a cash bar.

Be sure to bring your gift for the white elephant exchange!

Staff Meeting

Please bring some notebook paper to jot down notes about what you learn from your colleagues at the staff meeting. We have twelve people who need to share at our meeting, so please keep your presentations to 5 minutes or less. Prior to starting our presentations, however, I will be addressing pd opportunities within our district and building. There have been some good questions asked of me related to this topic and I want to be sure that the entire staff hears my answer(s).

Culture and Climate Update

Following our all staff meeting regarding our building culture goals, our culture and climate committee met to finalize our top two and bottom two goals we wished to work on as an entire staff. Following that step, we needed to come up with action steps for each goal. Hopefully, your teammates have shared what we've come up with thus far. We plan to meet this Friday morning to finalize our staff plan. Upon completion, I will share it out to the entire staff.

Julie's principal coach

Jim will be here one more time this month. However, at semester, he is returning to Iowa City to serve as their HR Director as they have had numerous central office resignations and need someone for the second half of the year.

Maggie VanFossen will be taking his place. Some of you may remember her from the AEA. She retired last year, but will now be taking Jim's place as a coach for the Bettendorf principals the remainder of the year.

Winter classroom parties on Dec. 22nd

Please remind parents and your head room parents that siblings are not allowed to attend our winter parties. It is much easier to tell them ahead of time, rather than when they show up with their babies, toddlers, etc. Parties will start at 1:45, with those organizing the parties being able to be in your room at 1:35ish.

We will have specials that day until 1:30.

Future Staff Meetings

Beginning in January, we are structuring out staff meetings as follows:

First 5 minutes: Sharing positives happenings in the building

Second 5 minutes: PBIS sharing of the Big Five

15-20 minutes: Providing staff with at least one take away to use in the classroom

15-20 minutes: Required information from the district and/or building level

5-10 minutes: Housekeeping

One staff meeting a month (second meeting in the month) will be dedicated to Q and A and/or suggestions made by staff from an anonymous Google form that will be distributed for staff questions and suggestions regarding building issues.

Dr. Schutte visits

Dr. Schutte has been visiting all of the buildings to simply observe our collaborative teams throughout the district. He has been given a list of times that you all meet (the one in which the coaches attend). Just wanted to give you a heads up so you weren't surprised to see him, should he visit in the next month or so.

Also, starting second semester, Dr. Schutte will be reinstating his cookies and conversation meetings. The first one will most likely focus on the new district handbook that will be distributed. I anticipate that Heather Stocking, our new HR director, will be joining him at this meeting as well. As soon as I receive a schedule, I will share this out with all of you.

Duty Schedule for the week of December 14-18

Gym: Hayward/Heeringa

Bus: Bridges

Pick up area: Hiatt

Crow Creek: Bankson/Retzl

Just a reminder that if you know you will be gone, please be sure you have found a replacement for your duty. This applies to lunch duties as well. Thank you!

Julie's Schedule

Monday: 12:30 Formal teacher observation at Mark Twain (orchestra)

3:30 Staff Meeting (teachers sharing take aways)

Tuesday: 11:00-12:00 Julie @ admin. for Mastery Connect

3:30 post-observation mtg. at Grant Wood (orchestra)

Wednesday 7:00 a.m. Julie leaves for DesMoines (TLC @ ISFLC mtg.)

Thursday 3:30 p.m. PBIS meeting

Friday 7:45 Culture and Climate mtg.

1:00-2:00 Facilities mtg. w/Maxine and others at admin.