Software Developer

By: Kenneth Redaj

What Software Developers do

Software Developers build programs for desktop computers, for servers, or for apps like iPad. They might do most of your work individually, building entire programs themselves, or you might work as part of a development team. It depends on where you are employed and what kind of project you are working on.
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The requirements of a Software Developer are:

  • Completion of university
  • Certified Engineering Technologist (CET)
  • Must have three years of experience with Java or C#
  • Very good oral and written communications\
  • Experience with Messaging Bus technologies like MQ, Solace, JMS.
  • Experience working in a Bank or a financial institution is a strong asset.
  • Experience working in an Agile development is a very strong asset
  • Working knowledge with Fixed Income related softwares such as ION MMI, Anvil, TOMS will be an asset
  • Knowledge of KDB+/Q, Scala is a strong asset.
  • Must be proactive and dynamic, demonstrate initiative, and have an eagerness to learn, and thrive on challenge.

Required Skills

Write, modify, integrate and test software code; Maintain existing computer programs by making modifications as required; Identify and communicate technical problems, processes and solutions; Prepare reports, manuals and other documentation on the status, operation and maintenance of software; Assist in the collection and documentation of user's requirements; Assist in the development of logical and physical specifications; Research and evaluate a variety of software products.

Work Environment

Fast-paced environment; Work under pressure; Tight deadlines; Attention to detail
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Salary Range

Software Developers make around C$16.93 - C$54.83 an hour

This is the job trend in the UK for software developers in 3 months

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