Pieter Bruegel, The Elder

"Peasant Bruegel"

Pieter Bruegel, The Elder

Bruegel was a painter during the 16th century. He was known for his often comical paintings of normal everyday life, thus his nickname "Peasant Bruegel". Even though he was thought of as a Peasant there his art was of high ranking and his paintings were bought by aristocrats and rich merchants.

Bruegel did not adopt the Italian style.

When Bruegel traveled to Italy he did not take the style there. He instead kept to his own style that was inspired by Jan van Amstel. He continued painting Villages and towns in different seasons as well as depictions of important religious importance.

Bruegel's legacy continues

His two sons carried on his work, their names are Jan and Pieter Bruegel, The Younger while Jan went on to do his own things and create his own style, Pieter Bruegel, The Younger continued his fathers style. They both learned from their grandmother, who was also a very great artist.

To the right is Paradise a painting by Jan Bruegel, The Elder.

Pieter Bruegel the Elder (ca 152530--1569) Art History, The Metropolitan Museum of Art