Charles I of England


Political Viewpoints and Agenda

Believed in absolute monarchy. Imprisoned his foes to raise taxes. Squeezed the nation for money. He controlled the military by leading troops to the House of Commons to arrest it's most radical leaders. Which resulted in the English civil war which posed a major challenge to absolutism. Charles archbishop tried to force clergy to follow strict Anglican rules. Many people believe he was trying to revive catholic practices. His need to raises taxes forces Charles to summon parliament. Peasantry was part of the parliament which ended Charles's life.

Goals and Accomplishments

It gave power to parliament and the people. For the first time a ruling monarch had been tried and executed by his own people. His failures showed that no ruler could claim absolute power and ignore the rule of the law.

Learning Targets

Petition of Right- prohibited the king from raising taxes without consent of parliament or from imprisoning anyone without just cause.

Cavaliers- supporters of Charles I

Roundheads- foes of cavaliers. Called Roundheads because hair was cut close to head.

Slogan. Give me your taxes or you'll get the ax.

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