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Leif Erikson son of Eric the Red, was born in about 940 A.D in Iceland. He lived with his family until the age of 8. After that he moved in with a man named Thyrker (Left’s further brought him from Germany to Iceland) as was tradition with Vikings. Lief died in 1020.

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When Leif grew older he decided to travel west. He took his wife and children, some slaves and supplies. They landed on a new land. Leif named it Greenland. On the vogue he learned to be a good sailor. He bought a boat and set off with Thyrker and some men towards the north, on the coast of Greenland, there he found a land with high glaciers and rocks. Leif named it Hellund. After that they sailed south and found another land, this and was white beach and some trees, he named it Markland (Today it is the eastern coast of Canada). Leif continued to sail southeast and came to an island. He found there big forests, grapes and rich pastures for their cattle. He named this land Vineland because of the grapes. All this information is from the north sagas in Norway.

I think that an explorer must have a courage, curiosity and determination.

I would not like to participate in Leif’s journey because there are many dangers. for example - cold weather, storms at sea. I don’t like long trips being away from my family.

Leif Eriksson - The First European in North America