President Pamphlet

Badaso Adem

Skill and Qualification for the Job

Just like any other profession you need skill and job qualification to run for a president. The skill you need to have to be a president is solving problem that country and its citizen have and knowing how to debate and communicate with the leader of other countries or congress when the bill needed to pass. And the job requirement for president is listed in constitution in article 2 section 1, clause 5, no person except the natural born citizen, attained to the age of 35 years and been 14 years resident.

Most important power of the president

The most important power that president have is the power to make treaties And negotiate with other country, rather than fighting, this is important because it will help keep the country safe and make the world a better place for everyone.

Five leadership quality and skill

  • Responsibility
  • Being open minded and listen to others
  • Obeying law and protecting the environment
  • Dealing peacefully with anger, insult and disagreement
  • Trustworthiness

Role of president summary

  • Commended in chief ; this power gives president direct and immediate control over the military
  • Chief of state ; he is the symbol of all the people
  • Chief diplomat ; a head of American foreign policy and make treaties with other countries
  • Chief of party ; a head of his own political party
  • Chief citizen ; president should represent all the people of united state of America
  • Chief legislator ; approve or veto the bill passed by congress,

Immigration reform

As the chief of state and chief citizen, I would like immigration reform because people don't come here for a bad cause, they came here with good intention and hope for a better life, freedom and better opportunity and some immigrant came here to seek refuge under the American government. Immigrant will help move the country's economy forward.