Bright hedge

Made by Eduardo Estrada


If you don't try you cant fail.


The careers would be medicine, engineering, business, and education. Right after high school you would have a choice to go to college for free or just have a high school diploma and work in different places like fast food restaurants or regular restaurants as waiters. If you graduate from college you will be able to choose what career you would like.



1. People will have a game night with their families to spend time with them. If a person does not have a family to spend time with be nice and invite them to not be alone for the night.

2: No stealing property

pretty much the same laws that we have in our current society

3: If you own any type of gun it may not be out of your property.


1: Treat others the same way you want to be treated

2: No annoying neighbors or anyone when doing something outside after 12 am.

3: Don't go in abandon areas without parental guidance.

governing body

The governing body will be democracy and people of the age 30 and up can run for president. Our utopia will make decisions by states deciding what they would like the more votes wins.

Daily Internary

People will wake up and go to sleep when ever they would like as long as they finish their work or school work. Kids or teens will be able to go to a regular school or learn through an online program. For college you will have to go to a school and take your classes. Most people will wake up at nine i'm guessing so 10 through three they will have to do work if they have school or a job. Three through 12 am they will have time to finish home work or have free time. At twelve they have a choice of continue to stay awake or do anything they want that doesn't bother their neighbors.

Social Welfare

The way our utopia will deal with the sick disabled and elderly.

Disabled: We will let them go to public schools so they don't feel like society doesn't want them or they are different from everyone else.

Sick: The sick will be in a hospital and will not worry about being charged expensive bills after they recover. Pretty much free health care for everyone.

Elderly: The elderly will have a choice to be in a retirement home or if their family lets stay with them they could be there. If the elderly are in a retirement home the family will have family night over there.