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Project Accomplished!

Final projects have been completed for our unit The Plastic Problem. All the projects began with a driving questions and research leading to a design on paper. We quickly learned a design on paper was a whole lot different than building the actual model. We suffered setbacks when things did not go as expected but yet we persevered. We were able to step back and reassess our situation to determine what we could do to get us to where we needed to be. We realized that any accomplishment is a series of small steps.

Though our projects are completed for now it does not mean that we may not pick them back up to question how we could make it better or to apply some new knowledge in order to improve. That is all part of the engineering design process! For now, we just want to share with you our learning and achievements.

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Local Architect Chats with Future Designers

The students were joined this week by a local architect, Jim Burton, from Carter-Burton. Mr. Burton shared how the design process works in real life, from meeting the needs of the clients, to selection of materials and finally a draft of the actual design to built. Students shared their process in building a DIY water bottle greenhouse. Mr. Burton was able to provide valuable insight as to the design and the importance that the geographical location plays in the design. Students were left with considering the air gaps between the bottles, condensation within the walls, flat versus a pitched roof as well as sun patterns and colors. The meet and greet ended with a Q & A session for students.

Student-Led Conferences

So why do student-led conferences? Well, it just seems to make sense when our goal as a school system is to encourage, inspire and empower our learners. Student-led conferences are opportunities for students to drive their learning by reflecting on their progress and identifying areas of strengths and areas of needed growth. By doing so, students are required to be active problem-solvers in their educational journey. As teachers and parents we draw alongside the students to partner with them to provide the support they need in order to be successful.

With this being our first venture into student-led conferences, we are starting small and building as we go forward. This first time students will share their driving question in their research project, the information they collected and their process to create a product. They will share with you their struggles and their goals for next quarter.

Still not sure what to expect? Take a look at the video below to see how one school started their own student-led conferences. Take a look at the Parent Letter about student-led conferences as well. Who knows, maybe next time we will have our own video to share on how it is done in Clarke County!

Boyce Student-Led Conferences

Wednesday, Feb. 27th, 3-5pm

119 West Main Street

Boyce, VA

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D.G Cooley Student-Led Conferences

Thursday, Feb. 28th, 3-5pm

34 Westwood Road

Berryville, VA

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