By: Sierra Krocker

Is it fun?

No, it is not. It takes time away from your time and you have barely any time to do anything.

What are the different types of homework?

That's an easy one, there is math, which you get almost every night, there is reading, which you have most nights but not all. There's science, L.A., social studies. Even homework like business ed.

Do you get graded on homework?

You might it depends what teacher you have. My math teacher, who is super, cool her name is Mrs.Edwards, she does not grade your homework and she does not even look at it. She comes around to the tables, of four, and see who has their homework done. My L.A. and science teacher has you turn in your homework to her baskets and then she grades it.

Why do you have to have it?

We have to have homework because it helps our mind. Also because it sometimes has to do with the lesson you are doing. Yet, sometimes you just get it because you goof around in class and you don't get all of your work done so you have to do it at home for tomorrow.

How long does it normally take?

That depends on how much you have some times it will take you five minutes other it might take a hour.