Computer Hardware

Computer learning guide

Hard Drive

A hard drive is really important for your computer because it saves all the data of the computer and all the memory. it also save all the things you've done in the computer which is really important. This Hard drive help the computer turn off propely whith out loosing any files, is like a memory of this computer. In the other hand if your in a website and suddenly somehow the computer just turned off, then when you turn on again most time the computer will save that webside and you can go on to it as soon as you click internet.

Optical Drive

Optical Drive is a part of an CPU's computer which helps you to watch DVDs and CDs which means instead of watchig it in a TV you could watch it in a cumputer.


A Monitor is the screen on the computer which helps you see everything your doing in a computer. Sometimes when you don't want to turn off completly the computer you can off the screen which is helpful sometimes, but other times if you don't do anything in the computer not writhing or moving the mouse it turns by it self unless your watching a video that is in full screen. Some computers have a different screen that if your keep on touching it can damage the screen and somtime can turn to other colours or maybe darker or lighter.

Input/Output Device

An Input or an output device is when you connect a USB, Or similarity ,so the most common is a keyboeard you connect it to a computer and you type or a mouse so to click  with an icon in the monitor.

Touch screens

Touch screen are new technology that you don't need a keyboard or mouse you could just type in the screen or use you finger on the screen for icon.This tuch screen are more common in tablets or mobile.