Megatherium Americanum Obituary

The Giant Sloth


The beloved Megatherium Americanum better known as the Giant Sloth or Great Beast was born and raised in South America, where he lived his whole life. From two million to eight thousand years ago, his twenty foot tall four ton frame walked this great Earth.
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His favorite thing to do was hanging out with his family. This includes the Megatheriidae, the Mylodontidae, the Cyclopdidea, the Myrmecophagidae, the Bradypus, and lastly the Nothrotheriops. His other favorite thing to do was eat.

What he ate

He was an omnivore eating mostly leaves. But he also ate shoots, grasses, tubers, fruit, insects, and possibly carrion. He was so tall that he didn't have to climb up trees to eat it so he just stood and ate.
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We will miss the Giant Sloth Greatly. His life was full and great and he will live happily ever after in our memories.

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