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Learn to go paperless with iDoceo teacher assistant

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1. Create or import a class

Get started with iDoceo by learning to manually create a class, or import students from excel files.
Creating a new class in iDoceo

2. Create custom checklists

Gather relevant data on your students by creating attendance, homework completion, and other useful checklists.
Creating custom checklists in iDoceo

3. Create custom mark sheets

Replace that bulky marking binder with iDoceo's custom mark sheets.
Create custom mark sheets in iDoceo

4. Creating class templates

Once you have customized your class record keeping system, don't do the whole process again for each of your classes, create a template to reuse and share with colleagues.

5. Making your iDoceo files secure and safe

A PSA for teachers nervous about losing data or having it fall into unauthorized hands.

6. Doceri and iDoceo integration

Attach student created Doceri videos to student profiles in iDoceo.
Integrating DOCERI with iDoceo

7. Send mark reports to an entire class

Learn to design a mark summary and send it to an entire class, via email.
Send mark summary to entire class in iDoceo