Santiago, Chile

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Chile is a long, thin country located in South America. It borders Argentina to the West, Peru to the South, and Bolivia to the South West. Santiago is located in the middle of Chile, not bordering the ocean or any other country. Santiago is the current capital of Chile.


Chile was first settled by migrating Native Americans about 10,000 years ago. After the new world was discovered by Christopher Columbus, Spanish conquistadors soon came to claim South America. Pedro de Valdivia of Spain conquered Chile from the Natives living there in the December of 1540. Soon after, on February 12th, 1541, Santiago was founded by the same person. Chile won its independence from Spain in 1818 under Bernardo O'Higgins and Jose de San Martin.
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Pedro de Valdivia (Above)


There are 7 million people in Santiago, Chile. Santiago is the largest and most populated city in Chile.