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Shake It Up September

A Note from Your SED!

Wow! What a fun month August was! The first month of the new Fall Catalog was positively ELECTRIC! From excited hostesses, customers, and the 122 new Sassy Sistas who joined us! I am blown away! And the excitement for this fall is just beginning....

September is the month that we jump back into routines and we get our calendars ready for the Fall Party Season! I booked another party this weekend! The Large Utility Tote is the perfect special to help us all kick it into high gear this month! It TOTE-ALLY ROCKS!

You can make this your best fall starts with that first party booked! Have you booked yours yet?? Let's get to it! We get to our goals one step at a time ~ it's your choice if you get there by walking or running! I'll be running over here and I hope you will, too!

xoxo, Steph

September Sassy Stars


Megan Curran Fiorentino $ 4,600.00

Stacy Kutner $ 4,187.00

Melissa Manzano $ 3,533.00

Jennifer Reling $ 3,296.00

Candice Kennedy $ 3,173.00

Diana Karley $ 2,341.00

Heather Karpstein $ 2,327.00

Kandis Homan $ 2,236.00

Joanne Jankowski $ 2,177.00

Sarah Hardy $ 2,128.00

Katy Baker $ 2,128.00

Kalie Bell $ 2,033.00

Jackie Smith $ 1,758.00

Laurie Funken $ 1,710.00

Stephanie Joseph $ 1,705.00

Susan Westfahl $ 1,700.00

Laura Corbin $ 1,651.00

Allison Vanagel $ 1,593.00

anna ellis $ 1,568.00

Erin Simko $ 1,568.00

Alyson Carver $ 1,543.00

Lizzy Fontaine $ 1,539.00

Nicole Mix $ 1,527.00

Debbie Schaefer $ 1,509.00

Jo'nelle Fetzer $ 1,470.00

Anita Trusty $ 1,423.00

MARGO MULLIN $ 1,412.00

Kristen Cooper $ 1,400.00

Heather Wood $ 1,399.00

Aleisa Kinsey $ 1,385.00

Donna Covely $ 1,379.00

Shaconnie Grubb $ 1,374.00

Michelle O'Malley $ 1,374.00

Jennifer Milligan $ 1,363.00

Morgan Bush $ 1,338.00

Tamico Keene $ 1,333.00

Leah McNear $ 1,325.00

Theresa Tynan $ 1,316.00

Jennifer Supernowicz $ 1,307.00

Paula Hunter $ 1,300.00

Melissa Barton $ 1,287.00

Lauren Loman $ 1,271.00

Elizabeth Bairner $ 1,255.00

Kelli Coatney $ 1,253.00

Bonnie Henson $ 1,223.00

Theresa Colligon $ 1,213.00

Michelle Genito $ 1,209.00

Krissy Walker $ 1,154.00

Amanda Thomas $ 1,141.00

Kelly Steward $ 1,089.00

Laura Sanchez $ 1,084.00

Heather DeHaas $ 1,078.00

Alicia Coyle $ 1,056.00

Stephanie Rescinito $ 1,055.00

Kaisha Edgerle $ 1,049.00

laura mack $ 1,039.00

Tara Gabbianelli $ 1,039.00

Anastasia Wishon $ 1,032.00

Stacy Santiago $ 1,028.00

Elizabeth Valenti $ 1,018.00

Jessica Martin $ 1,016.00

Lori O'Grady $ 1,013.00

Christie Monk $ 1,012.00

Araceli Johannes $ 1,008.00

Danielle Hoban $ 1,005.00

Andrea Waddell $ 1,005.00

Julie DenOuden $ 1,003.00


Sarah Hardy - 6

Candice Kennedy - 5

Lizzy Fontaine - 5


Megan Curran Fiorentino

Diana Karley

Kandis Homan

Stephanie Joseph

Michelle O'Malley

Coree Casinger


Shaconnie Grubb

Krissy Walker

Danielle Hoban


Melissa Manzano

Kristen Cooper

Theresa Colligon

Kaisha Edgerle

Elizabeth Valenti

Andrea Waddell

Lisa French

Marcella Carter

Jennifer Palmer

Monica Mallon

Christy Graves

Jessica Noel

Linda Wallace

pauline litchfield

Shai Steeg

Lindsey Nuttall


Stacy Kutner, Kalie Bell, Nicole Mix, Jo'nelle Fetzer, Heather Wood, Leah McNear, Melissa Barton, Lauren Loman, Alicia Coyle, Stacy Santiago, Christie Monk, Kristin Misko, Kia Wallace, Jessica Gonzalez, Cheri Meeks, Casie Laspata, Deanna Dawson, Deanna Davidson, Katie Hamilton, alicia foschini, Kim Vona, Suzanne Brown, Krista Bloomquist, Nicole Bintliff, Courtney Newton, Summer Jackman, Ashley Farrell, Christina Sturgis, Cara Daniele, Dawnmarie Catling, Melissa Brittingham, Jessica Fellows, Lisa Avellino, Cheryl Himes, Chelsey DiFava, Erica Edwards, Jamie West, Lora Schott, Danielle Woods, Kathy Gordon, Lindsey Howe, & Kat Jenkins

WOOHOOOO! Congrats to you and your new Sistas!

Welcome to our New Sassy Sistas!

Lindsey Nuttall, Cheryl Himes, Lora Schott, Deborah Morton, kim miller, Vanessa Hudson, Sherry Ann Sosik-Lang, Shirleece Roberts-Jackson, Kaitlynn Moore, Nicole Patrick, Olivia Bingaman, Miriam Marquez, Angela Hood, Tracy Frame, Karen Reyes, Beth Bachus, miranda ellia, Kareemah Stepney, Jennifer David, Martha santamaria, Jennifer Marrero, Marie Miller, Joni Lee, Lauren Volpe, Sherry Abrams, Donna Stewart, Kim Talla, Courtney Carr, Michelle Lamb, Jamie Turner, Christina Griffith, Crystal Cantwell, Clare Starobynski, Jenni Fote, Tishalla James, Alyssa Saccomanno, Rose Clark, Migdalia Hitchens, Melissa Nicholson, Amanda Mack, Shai Steeg, HAVEN JENKINS, Sandra Lassiter, Maria Manning, Buffy Ratliff, Samantha McCully, Shawneek Davis, Becky Lee, Schylar Reed, Anthony Silver, Melissa Brittingham, Ashley Bouder, MARGARET BRAD, Alisse Stephens, rebecca salpacka, Stephanie Campbell, Jennifer Smith, Kenya Minor, Dawnmarie Catling, Erica Frisoli, Angelee Rivera, Crystal Popowitch, Jennifer Mozes, Denise Evans, Leah Johnson, brande huff, Renee Dye, Donna Mahoney, Sara Grau, Julie Jadlowsky, Corrine Kellogg, Rachael Bailey, Taylor Jarrett, Christine Bartch, Brittany Haltzman, Chris Hiller, Kathy Adkins, Courtney Egge, Meliss Ashley, Toni Amick, Debbie Suscavage, Ingrid Trommer, Michele Westney, Meghan Leverich, Hannah Haggard, Nicolette Millsap, Ryan Fagan, Robin Kincade, Ashley Longerbeam, Shawna Martinez, Linda Parrish, Chandi Burden, Christina Thomas, Erin Wible, Dawn Trojan, Shannon DiCenso, Samantha Connor, Heather Ludwick, Beth Alvira, Willamina Moray, Heather Roberts, Samantha Beisel, Brittany Cinkowski, Missy Lynch, Ashley LaMaster, Therese Sinopoli, Amanda Thomas, Caiti Barnhard, Grace Haley, Cara Rolen, Traci Smith, Jan Miller, Joy Mustapich, Erica Myers, Kate Bentley, Donna Covely, Michelle Malanga, Allison Sikorski, connie chann, Jillian Grigston, Melissa Schwartz, Elizabeth Butler, & Brie Sutherland

WELCOME! YOU are Super SASSY, Sista! We're glad you are here!

{LYLAS!} We Love Ya Like a Sista!

You are a part of one of the TOP TEAMS in Thirty-One! And no one is as Sassy as WE ARE! Be proud and KNOW that you can make BIG things happen!