Long way gone

Infographic for chapters 5-8


Man Vs. Nature

Ishmael needs to run away from the war. He spends many days in the Forrest drinking from a spring, sleeping in a tree and eating strange fruit that could possibly kill him
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Man Vs. Technology

In these chapters Ishmael comes in contact with the rebels who at Gun point force him to join their army. Luckily for Ishmael soldiers ambushed the rebels setting Ishmael and his friends free. He also needs food and finds a coconut he finds an old machete to break it open so he could eat


Long way gone takes place In Africa in the 1980's more specifically around Mattaru Jong Ishmael's home. to see this on Google maps Click on the word setting above

Historical connection to Present

the war in ukrane

Many people like in long way gone are running away from war. "our kids have gone away. We have stayed. Our children went to Russia yesterday. We have waited until the end," said Lyubov karpova. this shows how in the current war in Ukraine kids are running away from war

Vocab words


a swordlike stabbing blade that may be fixed to the muzzle of a rifle for use in hand-to-hand fighting.


African word for sneakers

Internal characterization


Ishmael misses his family and friends because he is loyal he feels guilty for leaving them. also he feels guilty for jumping that little boy for the corn but not for long. the war is changing Ishmael internally as well as externally