The Throne of Fire

By Rick Riordan

The Throne of Fire is about 2 young kids named Sadie and Carter who are secretly magicians. They come from the Kane family who are the most powerful family in the line of the ancient Egyptians; but, they just seem like normal teenagers in life. They are attempting to save the world from the ancient god, Apophis, who is going to destroy the entire world in 5 days when he will escape his captivity. Along the way Carter and Sadie find themselves in many different situations, like there grandparents being turned into massive creatures roaming over London, or entire villages being destroyed, But in the end, you will have to read it to find out what actually happens...

Quote: "Sometimes, it takes us a while to appreciate something new, something that might change us for the better".


In Conclusion, I really enjoyed this book, because it gives both the perspective of Carter and Sadie, alternating every 2 chapters. I recommend this book for anyone who likes science-fiction and mystery with a modern day time-frame