Bruneau Elementary Newsletter

December 2020

Upcoming Events

Thursday, December 17th End of 2nd Quarter

December 18th-January 3rd Winter Break

Monday, January 4th School Resumes

Monday, January 11th Winter Concert video sent out

Tuesday, January 12th School Board Meeting at Rimrock, 1:00pm

A Note from The Principal

I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. I can’t believe that this is the last month of 2020! To say that this year has been challenging is an understatement. I sometimes am sad because we haven’t been able to and weren't able to do some of the things that we really treasure here at school, but each day that I get to interact with your children, reminds me of the gift that they are.

I’m so thankful for all our hardworking staff and supportive parents. Our staff is phenomenal and I am truly humbled to work alongside them. During these times we are experiencing, I appreciate everyone working together to help our students be successful. Thank you for the work you do at school and what you do for students at home.

We are heading into the holidays with Christmas and New Years right around the corner. Please take some time to relax and celebrate with your child all the learning and growth they have made so far this year.

Alex Meyers

Christmas Music Concert Update

Our music concert is postponed. We will be recording students the week of January 6th. The video and full performance will be available on the following Monday, January 11th.

K/1 Miss Wampler

Our class has been learning about light and dark. We were excited to make shadows, learn about how the seasons change, and discover that different animals that make their own light. We designed our own light creatures and tried them out in the classroom. Kindergarten finished their math unit on geometry and first grade is working on place value. Thank you for all of your hard work at home while we were online. Merry Christmas!

2/3 Mrs. Graham

Hello, everyone!

What a crazy short month we just had! It seriously flew by and I can’t believe we’ve gotten through a whole semester. Everyone did so awesome during our week of distance learning and thank you, families, for your support during that week! Although, I am super glad we were able to have our last week of December in person so we could have some sense of normal by having our holiday party.

These last three weeks, 2nd grade finished up their unit of adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers, telling time to the nearest 5 minutes, and solving money word problems. 2nd grade also started their new unit learning to understand and write 3 digit numbers. 3rd grade worked hard to finish up the first part of their unit, which was learning about area and how to find the area of rectangles and squares.

We started a social studies unit this month, learning about symbols that represent different things for our country, the rights we have as citizens, and also did a mini experiment to learn why the Statue of Liberty is green! The kids were a little disappointed that their pennies only turned a little bit green instead of totally green, but they did enjoy the lesson!

I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing break! Stay safe and healthy, and I’ll see you guys next year! ;)

4/5 Mrs. Pearson

These past few weeks have flown! In math, 4th graders are working on prime and composite numbers and finding factor pairs and multiples. 5th graders are learning to find common denominators and regroup when subtracting fractions. We are reading, reading, reading! A few reading groups are studying poetry, while another group is reading "Pirates Before Noon" with Mrs. Morrison. The novel study groups finished "Best Christmas Pageant Ever" and have started reading "The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane". Before our online school interruption, our class was listening to Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" everyday before lunch. We hope to finish it before we adjourn for Christmas break. I hope everyone enjoys a healthy, well-deserved Christmas break!

December Cape Run

Each month, we select students from each grade level that have shown outstanding growth on our Istation reading assessment to participate in our cape run.

December's students are: Brylee Folkman, Eli Mills, Brogun May, Jaylee Glidden, Lillie Bachman, and Roan Folkman.

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Snow Fun!

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