Minty Miller


He started from nothing...and now he is everything he ever hoped for

People have a rough start of life, but if you persevere you can get a different answer than you would expect. In the movie “The Blind Side”, Michael was a homeless teenage boy who did not know who his father was, and his mother was a drug addict. When he was put into foster care, they treated him horribly and it wasn’t any better nor good. Until one day Leigh Ann(the mother) walked in and adopted him. She took him in with nothing to eat or drink, no money, and no home. He was shy, quiet, and didn’t open up to the family in the beginning. At first, he was not used to a new lifestyle such as a wealthy caring family, a home, food, water etc. After a while he became familiar with his new home and was ready to start school. Since Leigh Ann enrolled him into high school and it was not easy at first. There, they taught him how to read, write. Once he made the football team, something was not right. The only thing that the school could not truly teach him was to succeed at life. In time Leigh Ann showed him that everyone has a chance at succeeding. She also showed him other perspectives of life, and how to handle/view things differently. Leigh Ann raised him again, but in the right way. Her family and her treated them like one of her own, or a part of the family and vis versa. One day, he gathered up everything she taught him and combined it into one. He went after what he wanted, and persevered through all the adversity that people put him through. In the end, he played football and became professional. He worked from a terrible, hard life to one he has always wanted. He never thought he could do it, but he could. He never knew he had it in him, but once you persevere what you are going through, anything can happen good or bad.

The fame to the broken to the triumph

Everybody tries to break someone, but is that someone you? In the movie “Unbroken” Louie(the main character) started off by moving to the U.S. He was a track star in high school, and was scouted out to be an olympian. Not long after, he made the olympics and was training very hard to win it. When the time came, he ran for the U.S in the olympics and won. The olympics were held in Berlin,Germany that year. He got medaled and went back home. There, he met the love of his life and got married and had a baby on the way. Then, as soon as the baby came, he got sent to go into World War two. After they said their goodbyes, he was put into a aircraft on his way down to fight for his country. While at war, he was in the aircraft getting shot by the Japanese in the plane. The aircraft went down into the ocean and they were left with two rafts and dry fruit and little supply of water. They wanted to yield, since they were at sea for 47 days, with a run out of food and water. One of their friends, died out at sea. Following that, they had a run into with Great White Sharks. They ran into them about three times, they scared them off the first time with their food supply. Long after the 47 days were over, a ship found them. That was not good luck. The Japanese ship found them and kept them as hostiles. They stripped them from their clothes, and torture them. That was just the beginning of their torture and terrifying journey. When they got transferred to the Japanese camp, they finally met the bird. He was a mean, cruel person. When the bird found out that Louie was a gold medalist olympian, he started to give him a harder time than everyone else. Louie was stubborn and strong on the inside and out. Louie would not look him in the eye or punch someone in the face, so instead the bird had everyone punch him in the face, or get beaten with a stick or his hands. After the hardship they went through, they thought they were done, but they were not. The bird offered Louie to say bad stuff about the U.S, and if he does he could leave. He did not want to betray his country, so he went back to camp and got transferred to somewhere worse. The coal mines. The air was thick, hard to breathe, the workers there were dirty, and worn out. As soon as they arrived, they knew it was going to be misery. The bird wore them out and would make them constantly work for hours and hours with no breaks for water nor food. Since Louie could not be broken down, the bird put a challenge to that. He made him hold a post above his head for hours, and if he dropped it he died. Finally, after hours and hours, the bird was the one to give up. Since Louie was an olympian, and was strong inside and out, he thought he could break him. The bird sat there and cried because he couldn't break him, or make him fall apart. When the bird gave up, he let Louie triumphed and went back to the U.S and live his life “normal” life again.


Being a underdog doesn't mean being a outcast or a failure

Outcast and underdogs are the same thing. People think they can not succeed for what they want to achieve. Not in this story. Such as, in the movie “Forrest Gump”, Gump has been an outcast his whole life. He was awkward, and not very eloquent. For example, when he would talk, he would stutter and it was not easy to understand him. But, in his life, he lived a wonderful life with so many accomplished things, or moments. Despite all the negative things people said about him, he did not let it hurt him. He kept doing what he was doing before as if they said nothing. At one point in his life he had to wear a leg brace, and they thought he was going to have to wear it for the rest of his life. When he got chased he persevered through his injury and broke off the leg brace! He persevered through his rough childhood with a girl named Jenny. She got abused by her father throughout her childhood, until she moved in with her grandmother. Gump and Jenny were best friends until they got older and Jenny left him, to travel on the road. Gump was so mad, he had to persevere through his pain somehow. For instance, he went to go venture and run across the whole U.S. In Fact, he did this several times and by each state people joined him and ran with him across the nation. As he ran, he came upon a fishing crew that needed help. He came in, showed them not to give up, and gave them hope. So much it got the company to start running up again. They were booming with customers and business. Going into the docs of Washington D.C, Gump thought he saw Jenny in a distance. He ran and ran and ran towards her and she ran back. After his long trip to find her, he finally persevered and found the love of his life. They settled down, and he found a job to support their marriage and to start a family together. This showed that even a outcast can succeed and achieve what they want no matter how long it takes them to get there.

Miracles really do come true!

Do you believe in miracles? I know Walt Disney did. Walt Disney was a inventor and a creator. Walt was born in Chicago, Illinois. He was a writer at the start and wanted to pursue it when he got older. As he grew up, he moved to Kansas and was searching for a newspaper company that would take him. After a long search, he finally found a company that would take him. They were called Kansas Star Newspaper signed him, but he did not stay for long. In a outcome of that, he got fired for his “lack of creativity”. They explained how inadequate he was with no creativity. He resolved and was determined to prove them wrong. He moved into Hollywood, California and was picked up by a motion picture industry in 1928. He started off by making short comedy films and there he created Mickey and Minnie Mouse. His films was making a lot of money so he set make his dream come true. In 1955 made in California called Disneyland. It is called the happiest place on earth. There your family Get to meet more of his Disney characters, go on rides, and have family fun time. Later, since his Disney company became a HUGE success, they wanted to make it bigger and better. Walt had big plans to make a park in Orlando, Florida. Walt sadly died before the park was opened. All of the plans were figured out, he just needed someone to go through with it. Roy, went through with his plans to make Disney world. October 1st, 1971 Disney world was open. In this park there were different parks all related to Disney. As a result, he proved the company wrong and make a huge success of the Disney name, and made a mark that no one would forget.

Don't judge a group by their past

Never underestimate someone, or a group. The message of this movie is to never underestimate someone because they could come back better than ever before. In the movie “Pitch Perfect 2”, the Bellas and DEM, go head to head in the world finals. They are arch rivals and the only things they will ever have in common is acapella, combative with each other, competing in the word championship, and music. They both have never lost at a competition. That’s what makes this battle so good because it’s the best of the best going up against each other. The Bellas are an all girl singing acapella group for Barden University. They were an unstoppable group of girls, until an incident happened and they lost all of their confidence and started to feel and be defeated. They got kicked out of activities in their college, unless they win the world championship. The only problem was everyone in the world hated them. Everyone. The Bellas felt a little pressure and wanted to see their competition. When they saw DEM, they felt threatened, and hopeless. The girls lost all of their bonds and started to give up on each other. However, they started to reconnect with each other a few weeks before the world championship. Together they were unstoppable and they inspired others and everyone in the world. They fought so hard and believed so much they won the world championship! On the other hand, DEM was a German acapella group singing group. They always looked down on the Bellas. They thought they were better because they were older. They also took away the Bellas world tour because of the Bellas had a accident. DEM are a strong, confident group of singers who also break down have barrier in their path. In the end, the Bellas gave it their all and blew the competition away. They shocked everyone,so this shows even underdogs have a chance at doing anything amazing.