My 24 hour electronic usage

What I did on electronic devices in 24 hours

What I did on electronic devices for recreation

I played Goodgame empire on my Dad's Lenovo on February 5th at 4:58pm for 43 minutes, at 6:31pm for 6 minutes, at 6:41pm for 23 minutes and then for the last time on February 5th at 10:00pm for 17 minutes, all together on February 5th I played for 89 minutes, 1 hour and 29 minutes. So on February 5th I almost played games for 1 hour and 30 minutes. On February 5th I also used our Sony TV at 6:05 for 22 minutes and watched Kick Buttowski, I also watched Top Chef and Love it or List it a renovation show at 8:28pm for 92minutes, 1 hour and 32 minutes, all together I used the TV for 114 minutes , 1 hour and 53 minutes. All together on February 5th I used the TV or the computer for recreation for 181 minutes, 3 hours and 1 minute. On February 6th I used my Dad's Lenovo at 6:57am for 5 minutes for Goodgame empire, I also used my Dad's Lenovo computer at 7:27am for 12 minutes also playing Goodgame empire. All together on February 6th I used my Dad's Lenovo for 17 minutes. On all 24 hours I used computers for recreation for 106 minutes 1hour and 46 minutes. For all 24 hours I used electronic devices for recreation for 220 minutes, 3 hours and 40 minutes.

What I did on electronic devices for education or school work

I used my Dad's computer or the School mini dells for education such as IXL or School surveys or for re-typing things. On February 5th I used School mini dell D5 at 11:28am for doing a Brunskill School globalization survey for 3 minutes. I also used a School mini dell D6 at 1:08pm for 8 minutes to re-type electronic usage chart. When I got home I used my Dad's Lenovo at 7:57pm for 21 minutes to do IXL. All together on February 5th I used the School mini dell's for 11 minutes for educational use and I used all electronic devices for 31 minutes for educational use. For 24 hours I only used electronic devices for educational use for 31 minutes.

Electronic devices that I used

Most used sites and what devices I used most

Top devices and sites

I used the computer the most because I do not have my own cellphone and because the computer has a better internet connection and the resolution is higher and the screen size is bigger so it is better for your eyes. I am going to list the top sites and programs by how many minutes I spent using them. I spent most of my time at the computer playing games and my top site was goodgame empire.
1. Goodgame empire
2. Watching TV
3. IXL (
4. Microsoft Excel
I also will list what computers and devices that I used the most
1. Dad's Lenovo Think pad
2. Sony Bravia TV
3. School mini Dell D5
4. School mini Dell D6
I will now list the sites that these games and educational sites can be found on;
Goodgame empire-
Microsoft Excel- Download
Sony Bravia TV show-Kick Buttowski- Channel 48
Sony Bravia TV show- Love it or List it- Channel 16
Sony Bravia TV show-Top Chef- Channel 36