The Old Man and the Sea

Julio Hernandez

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Brief Summary

The Old Man and the Sea is about an old man that doesn't have much luck catching fish as a fisherman and has gone 84 days without catching a fish. One day he heads out to sea to end his fishless streak and he does, he catches a huge Marlin and spends a numerous amount of days at sea. On his way back home he has to fight off sharks that are trying to eat his Marlin and inevitably the head of the Marlin is all that is left by the time he lands on his island.

One Theme and Discuss it

Theme: How close you can be to obtaining something really amazing and then have it snatched from you.

Explanation: The reason I choose that as my theme is because the old man after going 84 days without a single catch was still hopeful about catching a fish. When he finally caught his Marlin he was happy and proud but once the sharks started eating his Marlin little by little until there was basically nothing left of the Marlin he didn't really care about it anymore and in life sometimes we are so close to having something special happening to us and then it get snatched from us.

Describe the main character

I would describe the main character, the old man as simple, hopeful and humble. The old man is simple because he doesn't do much. He spends most of his time fishing, being surrounded by the boy and teaching the boy to fish. He is a hopeful man because after 84 days without catching a fish he still thinks he can catch a fish and doesn't lose hope. He is humble because after killing the Marlin he felt bad and respected the fish but he also needed to kill the fish in order to make money and to survive, he could've killed the fish and felt no remorse for it but he did and he kept trying to convince himself that the Marlins death was for a good cause.

Discuss the main character

The old man is a very good man. He showed a lot of his willpower and ambition when he had his adventure out at sea by himself. He is very smart as well because being out at sea with no compass or anything and finding a way to survive and kill a numerous amount of sharks is impressive. The old man used his years of experience to successfully bait the Marlin and kill him without letting him escape. The Marlin was great in size and weight and the old man had to be smart about how to capture the Marlin. He also faced hunger and a cramp on one of his hands but still managed to survive alone in the ocean. When we got home his levels of value changed because he didn't care about the Marlin anymore because there was not much left of it, the only thing he kept thinking about when he was in the ocean alone was the boy and was happy when he finally came back to see the boy.

Comparing this book to another book I've read this year

One book I've also read this year was Of Mice and Men and compared to The Old Man and the Sea I don't think they are similar at all because Of Mice and Men was about a smart man that kept getting dragged down by his friend, while The Old Man and the Sea is about a man surviving the ocean by himself fighting off sharks that are trying to eat his first catch in a long time.

Making a Change

After reading the book, I would change it so that when the old man left to the ocean he also brought the boy with him because the boy has always been a big help to the old man and always motivated the old man. The old man loved the boy and the boy loved the old man and I think they should've gone out to the ocean together.

Opinion on book

After reading the book I decided that I really liked it and there are many things to take away from this short book. I would recommend it to ages 15 and up because to fully understand the messages from this book you have to have a certain amount of intellect because the message are not clear, you have to actually think about what the story is trying to tell you and I like books like that. Short but powerful.
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