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By: Noah Wainwright

Origins of the IPhone

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Do you know where Steve Jobs came from? Well, I will call you about his small hometown of Cupertino. Cupertino has around 50000 residents. It is located in the southern half of California . It is the home of Apple incorporated as well as the Mary Avenue Bridge.

Recently Cupertino as well as many other cities in California has experienced a large drought. Apple spent 17.5 million dollars for a recycled water plant it will consist of 13300 feet of pipeline. It will be placed directly next to the Apple incorporated building. Over 157000 gallons of water will go through the facility.

It is partly funded by the city of Santa Clara. It will be used by Santa Clara as well as Cupertino.Apple incorporated will use 3 percent of the recycled water plant's capacity. It is used to help the drought in California. It uses irrigation to move and purify the water. In totsl about 3 million dollars into this facility in Cupertino.

Founder of Modern Computer

Noah Wainwright

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Have you ever wonder where your iPhone come from? In my article you will learn about Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was born on January 24th 1955. He was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs . Steve was a college dropout, he started working on computer with his friend Steve Wozniak in Steve's garage. Jobs created Apple with Wozniak which later was worth 8.3 billion dollars . Jobs and Wozniak with a few friends created the Apple I in 1976 after it started selling steadily Steve decided to go public. He hired John Scully to run the company. But soon after he got fired from the company he had started. He started a new computer called NeXT.

When it became more popular, Apple hired Jobs again in 1996, he worked with Apple and creative products such as iPods, iPads, and iPhone . He died on October 5th 2011. Apple still creates new products and are working hard everyday because of Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs Obituary

Steve jobs died at the age of 56 because of lung cancer he left behind his wife and two children. He had Tim Cook run his major corporation (Apple). Steve was born in 1955 and died in 2011. Steve is known for his creative thinking and doing things that supposedly "weren't possible" but Steve would always achieve his goals anyway no matter what barrier stood in his path.
Steve Jobs on Failure

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