September Students of the Month

McCord Middle School

Student of the Month Description

Each month McCord Middle School staff will recognize four students that exemplify characteristics from our Middle School Learners Profile that was created by a committee of community members, administrators, students and staff members. Below you will find our September Student of the Month winners and other nominees.
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Gabe Smith

Solution Seeker of the Month nominated by Mrs. Alexis

Gabe is working really hard in band class! He works ahead and learns new notes and songs on his own. He was one of the first students to finish the "yellow belt." He has a positive attitude, is a great role model to his peers, and is a pleasure to have in class. Keep up the great work, Gabe!

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Camille Chabannes

Global Thinker of the Month nominated by Mrs. Chawla

Camille is always so insightful and willing to share her ideas and answers with the class. We've been working on examining primary and secondary sources and looking at historical events from multiple perspectives. She is always willing to put in the effort to think critically and come up with thorough and thoughtful answers. She is a pleasure to have in class!

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Skye Neroni

Resilient Learner of the Month nominated by Mrs. Lee

I am so proud of Skye's hard work this year! Skye makes sure to maintain contact with all of his teachers and reaches out via email when confused. He advocates for himself when confused and keeps all of his grades up. Not many 8th graders are so proactive. Skye has continued to work hard in class. His hard work and determination will lend itself in helping him go far in life. Great job, Skye!

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Michal Scott

Kind and Empathetic Friend of the Month nominated by Ms. Robb and Mr. Korn

Michal is attentive in class, asks good questions, and is always willing to help others.

Michal is always happy and excited to be in class. She greets everyone with a kind word and often takes time to be sure everyone is as happy to start the day as she is. As a learner, Michal is eager to learn more and happy to share her new skills with others.

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Other Nominees

Safaa Bouhamidi

Summer Gabel

Aleena Miles

Claire Florea

Lola Florea

Amy Ceron Leel