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July 7


Hello and welcome to the 2021-2022 Marching season! As you know Mr. Eddleman has retired and taking the mantle of Avon Lake High School Band Director is Mr. Brunger! Click HERE to see his bio on the band website! Mr. B is born and raised in Lorain County and has seen the Avon Lake program over many years. He was able to watch Mr. Harry Pfignsten's last year with the program and has watched the program grow to the amazing success it is today. A fun fact: Do you know what Mr. Pfingsten, Mr. Severns and Mr. Brunger all have in common? They all taught at Midview before coming to Avon Lake!

Mr. Brunger is honored to be the Director of this tremendous ensemble and is looking forward to keep and build the traditions this Band and community have had over the years. One thing that is asked is that we get parents involved in the Band Aids as much as we can! The Band program has 2 parts. The students and their support group. We need as much involvement from the parents as possible to make sure we are all successful. What can the parents do? Volunteer! We will need volunteers for concession stand and more! Please go to THIS link and see what you can do to support your children! And as always.......GO BAND!

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This show is going to be out of this world!!!! We are finalizing some music edits and drill and will make it available ASAP!! Make sure to memorize what you have though!!

Amazing Student Opportunity!

Conn-Selmer (the company most of our instruments come from) has created this amazing experience for students through Zoom! Various educational leaders of the Marching Arts are offering an event called "Creating the New Normal" on July 14, 2021 7PM. Simply click HERE for students to register and a confirmation email with a Zoom code will be sent to your email. Yes, this does say for student learners but it is open to any student who wishes to benefit from this wonderful opportunity. This is not a required event, but if any students can attend it is suggested to give it a try!!

Upcoming events! (Check the calendar on the website for specific details)

  • 7.15 Student Leadership Meeting 10:30am (meet in the Band Room)
  • 7.19 Sectionals 1pm
  • 7.20 Rookie Visual Training 8:30am; Sectionals 1pm
  • 7.21 Rookie Visual Training 8:30am; Sectionals 1pm
  • 7.22 Rookie Visual Training 8:30am; Sectionals 1pm
  • 8.2 Marching Band Rehearsal 8:30am-8:30pm
  • 8.3 Marching Band Rehearsal 8:30am-8:30pm
  • 8.4 Marching Band Rehearsal 8:30am-8:30pm
  • 8.5 Marching Band Rehearsal 8:30am-8:30pm
  • 8.6 Marching Band Rehearsal 8:30am-8:30pm

More to come!

Picture Day!!!

Picture Day is August 9 at 10! More details to come!

Preparing for summer rehearsals

To have happy, healthy and exciting rehearsals, each of us must BE PREPARED. What does that mean for a Marching Shoreman? Well, you need to be dressed for the weather, wear and bring with you sunscreen, and you MUST stay hydrated so please bring a water JUG (not a water bottle). Also, plan on getting up early enough so you can have a healthy breakfast. Eating sugar cereal or nothing at all could actually cause health issues while we are rehearsing.

Again, here is a list to review:

  • Wake up early enough to EAT BREAKFAST
  • Make sure to wear light, loose clothing along with a hat and sunglasses so you are protected from the sun and you are keeping cool as possible.
  • You are going to sweat so you need to stay hydrated so BRING A WATER JUG.
  • Wear and bring SUNSCREEN
  • Bring ALL of your music (in a binder would be best)
  • Bring your instrument and make sure it is ready to play PROPERLY (no stuck valves or crunchy slides or leaky pads!)
  • Bring a pencil and a highlighter!
  • When we are working on visuals, it is wise to have your dot book, pencil, and highlighter with you on the field. A hip pack, or a nail bag from Home Depot would be wise to wear when you are on the field. Look and see how the Drum Corps do it!

Proper shoes are important!

If any student rehearses in their Dinkles, have you noticed that they wear our pretty fast? Due to the construction of marching shoes, the sole is actually too soft for parking lot rehearsals. They were made for marching on grass and artificial turf. With that said, it is HIGHLY encouraged that students only where cross training, running, or any comfortable sneaker (not vans or converse) during rehearsal.
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Anchor of the Week!

Starting July 22 we will begin having "Anchor of the Week"! Each week we will honor an individual or a section that has/have made a positive impact on the Marching Shoreman for that week. This individual or section may have had an amazing week marching, or performing, or amazing organizational skills...anything that makes the Band better deserves recognition! Stay tuned, and DO YOUR BEST, and maybe you will be the first honored!

Click on the Emergency Medical Form button below and bring it completed to sectionals!

Senior Spotlight!

Seniors! We are going to do a Senior Spotlight and Mr. Brunger needs a pic, your marching and concert instrument AND 3 fun facts about you!

A message from The Avon Lake Band Aid President

Hello everyone,

My name is Maribeth Baker, and I am the President of the Avon Lake Band Aids, Inc. We have meetings every 3rd Wednesday of the month starting August 15. Everyone is welcome! Stay tuned for any updates here! There is a link below to sign up for volunteering and helping with the marching band for away and home games! If you have any questions or concerns here is my email:

Thank you

Maribeth Baker

Click HERE to sign up and volunteer!!

Check out this sound from the Carolina Crown! Wow!

Carolina Crown's Hornline Drops The Hammer In Houston