ASAP-NJ Special Issue

Would YOU like to be a part of the Executive Committee?

Please consider becoming a member of ASAP-NJ's Executive Committee.

Join an amazing team of Student Assistance Coordinators

Monthly meeting third Thursday of the Month at 4:30pm

Specific Tasks as described in the description below.

If you are interested in joining the Executive Board please email Pam Felder

Historian (Chair) Position

Role/Responsibilities of Historian:

  1. Shall research and develop the ASAP-NJ history, as directed by the Executive Board

  2. Shall compile and maintain a historical database of:

  • The establishment of ASAP-NJ

  • The “original 69”

  • Past presidents

  • Past executive boards

  • Award recipients

  1. Shall facilitate the storage and retention of ASAP-NJ awards and leadership records

  2. Shall solicit nominations for the Mulhern, “Friend of a SAC” and “Unsung Hero” Awards

  3. Shall coordinate the annual awards ceremony at the ASAP-NJ conference

  4. Shall set nomination deadlines, coordinate and organize dates for the Selection Committee to meet to select winners

  5. Shall order the appropriate certificates or plaques and present them at the annual awards ceremony

  6. Shall solicit members to be on the committee to assist with responsibilities

  7. 1st Vice President shall oversee the committee

Professional Development Chair

Role/ Responsibilities of the Professional Development Chair:

The Professional Development Committee shall coordinate plans for the training needs of the organization's membership. The committee shall strive to provide a minimum of one county/regional training opportunity. This training opportunity shall be in addition to the statewide conference.

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