Elementary Summer Practice

Let's have some fun!

i-Ready - My Path Instruction

Complete lessons on your i-Ready My Path

  • 30 mins a week of Math

  • 30 mins a week of Reading

Summer i-Ready My Path Goal

By the end of the summer, complete at least 10 lessons for reading and 10 lessons for math.

My Path Tracker ~ Keep track of your completed lessons

i-Ready Incentives

  • All participants will be entered into a grade level raffle at each elementary building when students return to school.

  • Every kid who works on their My Path gets an i-Ready pencil and sticker.

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Grade Level Math Printable Practice K-5


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

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Reading for Pleasure ~ SORA

Reading Bingo Boards

Use these grade level bingo boards when your children read books from SORA this summer.
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Additional Summer slugger program (for grades 4 & 5)

What is Summer Slugger?

  • A fun, interactive, online course that uses the game of baseball to help kids maintain their math and literacy skills during the summer months.

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How Does it Work?

  • Available to parents at NO COST!

  • Students engage with content that reinforces key skills while enjoying the freedom and motivation of a baseball theme game-based learning experience.

What to Learn More?

Parents... Interested in Signing your Child(ren) Up?

Have a problem with your Reading My Path?

Contact Bob Boffa.

Have a problem with your MATH My Path?

Contact David Geanette.