Things To Know About Heels

What can happen to your body when wearing heels?

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What can happen to your body when you wearing heels?

I picked this question because I love to wear heels. I think all woman like to wear heels to feel cute about there self's. But I always wonder why do all woman get really tired when we wear heels all day. Usually when I'm wearing heels my back and feet is killing me. So I really want to know why is that and what else on our body hurts? Could there be any ay woman can still wear heels and there feet don't hurt?

What Azahb alrready knows

I know that all woman have foot pain after we wear heels. When I do my research I hope to find out how woman can prevent these pains in there feet. And I hope this information will speared and help out others, so woman can still look cute.

An article called "One in three woman toppling over because of passion for killer heels"

states "More than three million women have received medical attention or even been rushed to hospital because of their passion for killer heels". Now with this information, we all know that these heels are getting out of hand, but there but still be a better way to wear heels.

Daily Mail Reporter."One in three women toppling over because of passion for killer heels". Daily, Daily mail Reporter 9,Nov,2010 web. Fed 16

Heel inches

"What's the Healthiest Heel Height for Your Feet?" Is another article that talks about what would be the best high heel to use for your feet. In the article it states " Woman should wear one- three inch heels." This could be another reason why our feet hurt. Because we wear tall heels all the time.

Link: Chage, Adrana. "Foot Deformity and RA." Rheumatoid Connect. Insyle, 25 June 2015. Web. 22 Feb. 2016.

Ways to make it stop hurting

"8 ways to make high heels comfortable" is an article that gave me a great tip on wearing gel foot wear in your shoes. This will cause less pain in your feet when you are standing all day.

Link: Normahna, Ricka. "Bustle." Bustle. Bustle, 4 Apr. 2014. Web. 22 Feb. 2016.
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