Written By Adam Heppner

What is "Perserverance"?

Perseverance is overcoming an adversity that is in your way of reaching your goal. Your goal could be at any difficulty but no matter what to achieve it you need perseverance. The adversity could be any difficulty as well. As long as they have perseverance.

Kid President (Problem / Solution)

Kid President was diagnosed with a bone disease that breaks bones easily. This caused him to have multiple surgeries. This did not bring him down. He was determined to spread a message. A message that he needed deliver and to help and teach everyone. This message is the gift of perseverance. This gave him the solution to the problem. By helping others fix their problems. He began preaching on YouTube videos and became more famous by the day. His humorous style of videos taught people perseverance and about determination. He still to this day continues to fight his disease and still inspires young and old people alike.

Jackie Robinson (Description)

Jackie Robinson, the first black Major League Baseball player, for the Brooklyn Dodgers. He played astonishingly and never gave up to be in the league and play. He was encouraged to keep going. He had the smarts and skill to play. He truly broke the color barrier. Jackie Robinson's goal was reached, for now. As the amount of black players in the MLB continue to lessen. Black players usually cannot afford baseball.

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A carp gives a lesson in perserverance- Cause/Effect

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Typewriter Artist (Sequence)

"Typewriter artist" aka Paul Smith at an young age was diagnosed with spastic cerebal palsy disease. Which made it so he had trouble doing things that are needed in daily routines, for example he could not pursue his art talents, bathe, drive, etc. Paul was devastated that cerebral palsy disease held him back from doing what he wanted to do with his life. Paul loved art. Paul had a desire to create art. But he could not with his hands. However somehow he still found a way to make art, by typing. He began to make art out of typing. By forming text into art or shapes. Using a typewriter he made beautiful pieces of are.
Typewriter Artist

The Giver - Compare and Contrast

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What can we learn from others perserverance?

We can see that others had it much worse adversity than us. They needed perseverance when the times were tough. But they did not yield to adversity. They did not throw aside their convictions of believing they could persevere. They had ambition to get their goals done. They never let the worst bring them down. We should not let petty bring us down.