The Roo Review

Your Adventure Begins Here...

The Week in Preview....

M/W/F-Language of the Day (LOD) is Spanish

T/ Th-Language of the Day (LOD) is English

Monday-January 4

  • Return to School-Campus PD

Tuesday-January 5

  • Kiddos return!
  • Lesson Plans and newsletters due

Wednesday-January 6

  • College colors day!

Thursday-January 7

  • 6th Collaboration

Friday-January 8

  • RtI Meetings

Happy January Birthdays!

Jan 12-Sarah Y

Jan 12-Jen

Jan 18-Shannon

Jan 19-Whitney

Jan 19-Alicia L (custodian)

Jan 25-Debbie F (cafe)

Jan 28-Natalie

Jan 31-Ranae

Celebrating Each Other

Yevone-knitting, crocheting club for students

Tammy-volunteering to cover a class

Janet S-covering lunch duty



Kelly N



The elves who covered lunch duty

January Events

January 11-LDA #3 Window opens

January 11-PLC

January 12-Costco Rep in the lounge

January 13-Joy at District Leadership Meetings

January 13-PBIS team meets

January 14-Cici's night-6th grade teachers

January 14-5th and 1st collaboration

January 15-End of 3rd six weeks

January 15-RtI meetings

January 18-Student Holiday-Comp Day

January 20-AAA for ALs

January 20-4th Grade PAAWS field trip-10:30

January 21-4th grade and PreK collaboration

January 21-Family Science Night 6:00

January 22-Behavior RtI

January 22-Report cards go out

January 26-Spelling Bee 8:30

January 27-Jen at Crockett all day-Rounds

January 28-Deaf Ed and Third grade collaborations

January 29-Good Citizens' Breakfast


Morning Announcements: Montgomery/Pike

Character First Trait for January-Flexibility

Love and Logic-What to do When Your Kid Won't Turn Off the Device

Hello. This is Dr. Charles Fay. Here's a special message from my eight-year-old son, Cody:

Computers, iPads, etc., are fun to use, but when is enough enough?

Many parents wonder how much time is enough. It's good to be able to get things fast and easy, but computers, iPads, etc., can be addictive. The reason these can be addictive are that they are fun, and you do not have to do anything. They will do all the work.

Here at Love and Logic we believe that devices should only be used for a few minutes. I believe that thirty minutes is enough for a day.

One parent asked me, "What do you do if you ask the kid to get off of the device and they say no?"

I said to just tell the kid to please shut down the device. If they say "no" just keep calm and say, "I'm going to have to do something about this. We will talk about it later." Maybe you take the device away from the kid when the kid is sleeping. Maybe you take it away until the child shows more respect to you.

MLK- The King and His Dream